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26th August 2002 - Page 4

So which team has had the longest run of

defeats in the World Cup?

Cricket fever is building as the 2003 World Cup is not too far! Here is 

a quiz on the World Cups held till now.

1: Which Pakistani player became the only cricketer in the world to play six World Cups?

2: Who did Kenya defeat to record their first ever win at the World Cups?

3: What was the official name of the World Cup in 1992?

4: The India - Sri Lanka match in 1992 was the shortest match in the world. How many balls did it last?

5: Who was the youngest Indian player to make his debut in a World Cup?

6: Who is the most successful captain in the history of the World Cup?

7: Which team has had the longest run of defeats in the World Cup?

8: What was called Daddles?

9: In the World Cups so far, players of which country have won the most man of the match awards? 

10: Which team did former England captain Tony Greig call "sissies" and said: "I personally would have sent them glass bangles in line with the Indian tradition"?
11: In which single cricket ground in England have more World Cup matches been played than any other?

12: Why is there no recording of Kapil Dev's historic 175 not out against Zimbabwe in 1983?

13: Which Indian wicket keeper holds the record for the maximum number of dismissals in a match?
1: Javed Miandad 2: West Indies in 1996 3: Benson & Hedges World Cup 4: Only 2 Balls 5: Sachin Tendulkar 6: Clive Lloyd 7: Zimbabwe. They lost 18 consecutive matches 8: The sorrowful duck that appeared whenever a batsman scored a duck! 9: England 10: Australia, when they refused to play in Sri Lanka in 1996 11: Headingley, Leeds 12: The BBC was on a flash strike 13: Syed Kirmani


Abhishek Narula, Ashish Aggarwal, Ashwin Garg, Anna Ahmed, Ashok Nayar, Ishaan Gupta, Mallika Singh, Nikhil Awasty, Piya Kishore, Prerna Gupta, Rhea Bhattacharya, Rishab Sareen, Saumya Rana, Swati Sood, Vaneeka Talwar

Sports Desk: Varun Garg and Vikas Venugopal

Editor: Aatish Bhatia

What freedom means to me

A solitary bird soars 
unrestrained into the vast expanse of blue sky.
Its wings are untethered, uncurbed, pulsate in rhythm with the wind.
It flies further and higher until it becomes a dark speck against the brilliant horizon.

I listen in awe to the roar of the waterfall. 
Cascading down the rocks, sheer force in every surge. Rippling, gurgling,
The tiny foamy waves unite into a wall of water.
Hurtling down, breaking through rocky barriers
That ominously lie in its path, 
Emerging into the tranquil waters of the lake below. 

The craving, the urge, the desperate desire,
For that selfsame unrestraint. 
To spread my wings and fly into the wide expanse, 
Break through the shackles and the surge through life.
That, to me, is freedom

Rukmini Bahl

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