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27th February 2001 - Page 1

Letter from the Editor

The school newsletter was introduced many years ago and has flourished under the able leadership of our past editors to reach its present level. But with the commencement of the New Year, a new editorial board has inherited the responsibility of leading the newsletter forward. We therefore aim to make the school newsletter an attractive and refreshing experience for our readers.
This however, cannot be achieved without your support. If the newsletter is found to be monotonous, it is as much the responsibility of the readers, as it is of the editorial board. On the other hand, credit for the newsletter's superiority will also go to its readers. So this year, we would appreciate it, if YOU too make the effort to contribute your views, articles, reviews, sketches, cartoons, jokes or just about anything you would like to see published. A file has been placed in the library for this purpose and we would be grateful if you would deposit your work there, rather than handing it over to someone else. Your articles should be written legibly; with your name and class clearly printed on top. Your suggestions, in the form of letters to the editor, will also be welcomed by us. 
A recurring complaint from the parents has been that they do not get to view the school's newsletter, since most children discard it on the way home. This is very distressing, since a lot of hard work and effort goes into the making of the newsletter. So please allow you parents to view the newsletter every week and give in their inputs as well.
This year, we plan to add some more regular features to the newsletter. The Opinion Poll and The Weekly quote have already been started. In addition, we plan to have a "Cartoon of the Week" and "Jokes Section." We would like contributions to these columns as well. A regular “Sports Column” is also going to be introduced.
Please join us in making the newsletter an object of pride for all of us, because, ultimately, it is OUR school newsletter
Priya Malik 

Appointments for the Year 2001-2002

Senior School
Head Boy Digvijay Singh 
Head Girl Meghna Sethy
Red House Captain Nikhilesh Chand
Red House Prefect Surya Uday Bedi
Yellow House Captain Simran Sethi
Yellow House Prefect Partha Mudgil
Blue House Captain Varun Mehta
Blue House Prefect Ankit Bahri
Green House Captain Aditya Basu
Green House Prefect Angeldeep Kaur 
Games Captain Abhijoy Haldar
Games Vice Captain Pratik Sharda
Newsletter Editor Priya Malik
Junior School
Head Boy Soumya Srijan Dasgupta
Head Girl Mahi Titus
Sports Captain Nikhil Ledlie
Sports Vice Cpatain Roshni Gupta

Red House Captain Taarika Khattar
Blue House Captain Kalyani Krishnan
Green House Captain Aneesha Dass
Yellow House Captain Kritika Phoughat

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