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27th February 2001 - Page 5

Could it be...?

Are there really psychics amongst us? Do some of us really have the ability to foretell the future? Although most of us are skeptical when it comes to believing the predictions of these so-called psychics and clairvoyants, and dismiss any truth in their "prophecies" as mere coincidence, certain incidences have occurred which go way beyond the realm of coincidence, into a realm which has not yet been explored conclusively. The realm of the supernatural. The American author Morgan Robertson, hailed by many as one of the greatest psychics ever, seems to have predicted two of the most tragic incidents in the 20th century, with an amazing degree of accuracy. His books "Futility" and "Beyond the Spectrum" intricately describe certain disasters that have an uncanny similarity to the Titanic Disaster and World War II. 
In "Futility", written in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic disaster, Robertson describes a ship - "the largest craft afloat." This ship was proclaimed by all to be "unsinkable" because of the large number of watertight compartments. According to the book, this ship sets sail on its maiden voyage from England to the United States and is packed with rich celebrities. The ship is going too fast one night, because its crew is over-confident about its safety. It then strikes an iceberg and sinks, killing most of the 2000 passengers on board, as it carries lifeboats for only a small fraction of the people aboard! Many rich celebrities are amongst the dead; their money could not save them from such a disaster. Robertson was trying to illustrate mankind's growing indifference to the forces of nature, and their increasing reliance on technology. The name of this fictional ship completes the aura of incredibility; it was named the "Titan." 
The second book Robertson wrote was named "Beyond the Spectrum." In this book he describes a futuristic war, which was fought with aircrafts, which carried what he named "sun bombs." These bombs were so powerful, that with one blinding flash of light, a single bomb could destroy an entire city (much like a nuclear bomb). When this book was written, airplanes were tiny and dangerous machines that could barely carry one man, and crashed frequently. And the idea of constructing nuclear devices was unthinkable. Robertson's war begins in December (as did World War II) and starts when Japan stages a sneak attack on Hawaii (much like the attack Japan staged on Pearl Harbor - Hawaii in the beginning of World War II). The similarities between the Titan and Titanic are astounding and show up best in tabular form.


Top Speed
Water tight Bulkheads
Departure Date
Area of Damage


882 feet
60,250 tonnes
24 knots

3000 people
Sideboard side forward


800 feet
70,000 tonnes
24 knots

3000 people
Sideboard side forward

Priya Malik
XI - C

Riot of Colours

Splashed across the canvas white 
Chaos that surfaces from the layers
Of dreams and imaginations bright
Cornering the symmetry within
Projecting skyward harbouring the beauty within

The violence, which showcases 
The variety of places
Within the logic of one's mind
Or maybe to destination
Far beyond our creative barriers

Aspiration that show signs
Of almost reaching the artistically blind
And spreading across with its power of effect
The human mind, soul and heart
Which an artist's hand begs to chart

The colour of art, of soul, of mind
The body hosts a RIOT OF COLOURS
Partha Mudgil

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