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digital versions.The coolest link at the Xerox PARC is a water fountain connected to the net. So when the Xerox stock uses, the water fountain increases!

Hence, our homes and lives will change forever. But now for the bad news- all this is still in the making. Some are still just ideas and some have yet to leave the drawing board. It has been estimated that it would take another 10 years to set up the infrastructure for all this and develop this equipment. Imagine a world where trips to the supermarket will become obsolete, as the refrigerator would order all the foodstuff through the net. Imagine a li9fe where you will never have to call a repairman, because whenever an appliance fails to operate efficiently, effectively and immediately it will contact the manufacturer through the Internet, who in time might even fix it through the net. Imagine a home where every appliance contains a microchip, has an Internet connection, and through preset instructions will do everything before you even think of lifting a finger.

It may sound like a fabulous myth right now but remember if you had been told 10 years back that one day you will be able to order and pay for books, movies and music, halfway across the Earth, and have them delivered to your doorstep in 3 week's time, you would have dismissed it as rubbish. But it has become an actuality today! So might the New house.

Just one more thing. Where in India is all this? Will India have al, this an10 years time? If such a home were to be setup in India what would happen if the electricity went or if you couldn't get through to VSNL? And what would be the use of your microwave sending out an e-mail to your manufacture? Repairmen don't respond to real live human beings so what makes you think that an e-mail from some electronic appliance would bring them to life?

I'll bet that IBM, Phillips and Sony forgot the fact that the existence of Paints will not phase out in 10 years time. So (can't you just picture this!) late at night, my dad will be standing at the top of the steps, red and purple in the face with all his veins bulging, screaming at me, all the appliances, the smart toilet and even the front door; "Get off the Goddamn net!" 

Saloni Meera Rai XI-A

We walked into the Brother Mahony Soccer tournament as defending champions. Our first match was against last years semi finalist DPS R.K. Puram, who had beaten the hosts Mount St. Mary’s by three goals in there first match. With the loss of last years stars and mainly last year’s footballer of the tournament S. K. Appachu we went into the match as underdogs. The comments of past VVS soccer players and players  around the ground before the match confirmed this. We definitely had something to prove, something to prove to ourselves.

The match started off pretty evenly and we could see that their strength was in their forward line. We kept a strong defense and denied them of most chances, with the custodian Abhinav Puri doing a great clean up job. With their defense line up we had a couple good chances, Abhishek Haldar finishing one with a beautiful solo run down the field.


The hard fought first half ended at 1-0, it formed the platform for victory.

The second half saw some inconsistent soccer. Another goal was scored to make it 2-0, with Karan Lamba doing the honours off some sloppy defending and keeping. Even our team was quite casual at times, we watched two balls bounce off the post narrowly missing the goal.

Overall the most satisfying part lay in the fact that we played as a team and not a group of individuals. There were contributions from everyone, everyone playing their role. The victory has given us the confidence we require, and as long as we keep our heads on our shoulders victories like these are sure to continue.

Sharad Bajaj  XII A

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