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Vasant Valley Today              5


Ranikhet...(Continued from Page 1)

very elaborate structures. Evidently they were here to stay!!!! A lot of  clones of  Barry Roberts had lived on in Ranikhet. And why wouldn’t they?

I ambled to the Army Golf Course – the highest Golf Course in India. It was a beautiful one. The view of sternly moustached Army men teeing off to glory was something to see.

I climbed onto a city bus and went up to the highest point of Ranikhet – Chaubatia. The sterling view froze me for sometime. The clouds had covered the snowcapped horizons, but the view sunk in, sunk in enough to make me sit  and write this column. I could just be sitting there for the rest of my life and yet not get old!!!! My day ended with a visit to the ancient Jhoola Devi Temple- the temple with a thousand bells. No prizes for guessing what I asked for!!!!!

Saionton Basu XII-B

(Continued from page 2)


death, when in reality, we are living it. The actual moment when we physically die is a small fraction of death. We are actually dying right through our lives. Even when we are born, we are dying. This thought is really morbid if you decide that dying is the end.

We try to do things before we physically stop functioning, so that we have no unfinished business left. This too is done because of death. Death rules man, it controls us, it changes us… To try and pretend that we do not anticipate death would be hypocritical.

Shonan Trehan  XII C

Courage (continued from page 3)

courageous jawans. Given that the Indians were caught off guard, I think we’ve done a fairly good job. Lt. Gen. V.K. Sood, former vice-chief of the army staff, has said that the attacker (Ind) vs. defender (Pak) casualty ratio is 10:1 because of the overwhelming advantage the defender has. But we are still succeeding in this difficult terrain. This is turning out to be a battle of nerves, where the Indian front is maintaining a fine balance between maturity and sensitivity. The basic ingredients of a successful war are to be able to choose the time, place and method of fighting. Though none of this is available to us, the jawans have not lost their courage.

Sitting in our living rooms, drinking Coke and watching Matrix on VCD, we mustn’t forget the sacrifice of our soldiers. I’m not saying that you forget a leisurely life but you must be supportive. When you know that the whole nation is behind you, your courage increases. The men at the front are fighting for our safety and its time we start to respect their courage and bravery.


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