29th October 2004

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2nd October
13 students from class 11 participated in a skit directed by Mr. Firoz Khan for the 135th Gandhi Jayanti Utsav at India International Centre
Junior school students participated in western and Indian vocal music at “Dona nobis Pacess” a concert for peace at the India habitat centre, presented by capital city minstrels

4th October
Representatives of the WWF spoke to students of class 8 on conservation of wildlife
Posters were made on conservation of wildlife by students throughout school

5th October
Representatives of the WWF spoke to students of class 6 on conservation of wildlife

6th October
Representatives of the WWF spoke to students of class 7 on conservation of wildlife

7th October
In the English debate in class 5, Arjun Badal, Tejasvita Singh and Diya Puri came 1st 2nd and 3rd respectively
A workshop was conducted by American basketball players Mr. Omari Faulkner and Mr. Courtland Freeman, organized by the Culture Connect Basketball Envoy program for 65 students from classes 3 to 12

8th October
Abhas Sharma and Gautam Surya of class 10 came 1st in the CBSE zonal science competition.
8 students who participated in the interstate gymnastics competition won 2 golds (Bharat Guram, Ojal Khandpur) 8 silvers and 1 bronze medal.
Vasant Valley cricket team visited Mayo College Ajmer for tri series.
VVS v/s Mayur School: VVS lost by 4 wickets
VVS v/s Mayo College- VVS lost by 9 wickets

9th October
The Basketball Tri-series (under 10 girls and boys) competition was held.
1.VVS v/s G.D. Goenka: VVS won 34-12;
2.VVS v/s Sri Ram: Sri Ram wins 42-40
A friendly soccer match (under 14) between VVS v/s Modern School Vasant Vihar was won by VVS 10-2.

10th October
VVS came 3rd in the 44th Delhi State Gymnastics competition (under 14) in the Artistic Gymnastics category.

13th October
A Physics workshop, on optics, was conducted by professors from IIT.
Foundation-Class 2 had their sports meet.

15th October
The Track and Field Meet was won by the Red House.
Students of classes 3-12 visited the Jaipur Polo Ground to watch a match between the parents.

16th October
The quiz team comprising of Yaman Verma and Aditya Rajan came second in the Gibson quiz at mayo college, Ajmer. The debate team comprising of Ashutosh Kumar, Yaman Verma, Arnav Sharma and Nitya Vaishnavi Singh reached the Quarter Finals.
Ishani Uppal, Rishab Sareen and Rishi Anqd accompanied by Ms. Randhawa participated in an environmental yatra organized by We for Yamuna and funded by the US state department, to track the transition of sparkling Yamnotri into the sludge that is Yamuna.

18th October
14 girls from class 9 and 11 came fourth in the voices choreography competition held at DPS, R. K. Puram.

The House Captains take the oath

The little ones; rearing to go

An Attempt at Truth:
Why Yellow House Never Wins.

13 long and barren years without the taste of victory even once…such is the story of yellow house. House captains come and house captains go, each with a different vision for victory and dreams of domination, but try as they may they can never change the inevitable. They can never do the unimaginable. They can never make us win.
So I decided to look into the possible reasons for our dismal show in all the athletic meets since the beginning of time. And I reached some startling conclusions.
A strong army needs strong men (sorry ladies, but guns and women just don’t mix). And in just the same way a strong sporting house needs decent athletes. And that is exactly what our house lacks…skill. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many splendid and potentially brilliant athletes in our house, but there is no consistency. Our house cannot expect to win any tournament of any sorts just with the help of a few athletically gifted children. I mean there is a limit to how much the Adi brothers and Kamna Prem can do for our house right?
Now the question that this formed in my mind is why in the world are all the super athletes always sorted into red or blue and never into yellow house. (No offence to green house here. But I think every one will agree with me when I say that they aren’t miles ahead of us in the race to the top). And I am sorry to say that I didn’t reach any concrete conclusions or at least not any that can be put in print. So I can only put all the blame on ‘bad luck’.
So blame whoever you want, the school, the sorting hat, a higher power, the government, President Bush, whoever, but do not put the blame on the defenseless and skill deprive population of my beloved house. They may not win every time (never even) but we still make the best of what we are blessed with and always provide a stiff competition to green house for the now coveted and closely fought for third place. We may not hold the house cup high in the air but we do raise our flag far above the rest irrespective of the fact that not even a miracle can save us.
Nakul Dev
(This article has nothing to do with the fact that I am also a part of the house in question)

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As we all know, on Friday, the 15th of October, our school had organized a polo match at the Jaipur polo ground (which happens to be on racecourse road in Delhi despite what the name suggests). It was a great experience for all who attended.

The match was between Vasant Valley parents. Both teams were tough competition for each other, and the players made it evident that they were experienced and excellent at this sophisticated sport. Those that weren’t sport enthusiasts contentedly gazed at the grace ful and well-groomed horses. Before the actual match commenced, the spectators were entertained by a dog show. The dogs were extremely well-trained and, aside from being adorable, had helped rescue people from landslides, earthquakes, and had detected many bombs. The dogs obeyed every instruction given to them probably better than humans could have, and performed amazing feats such as walking on a 7 feet high rope bridge, and jumping through hoops set on fire. They were given a thunderous applause, and they left the field wagging their tails having won the hearts of all. The school band also provided entertainment “on the side” during the breaks, and performed some well loved rock numbers.

As for the match, it was a game to remember, as both teams were tied, and both teams gracefully accepted their position, and congratulated each other. For the students, it was a memorable experience, and one that nobody is likely to forget very soon!

Saranya Misra

Faster.. Higher.. Stronger…..

I am a famous athlete man,
I’m even a world wide fan.
I’m a hero, I’m a star,
Because I have a lot of will power.

Pranav Khanna 3-B

Your heart should fill up with determination,
Then you will the head of your nation,
This will never be a superstition,
As you will reach higher,

Anant Thockhon3-B

Hey kids of the world,
Listen to what I say,
You should go on my way,
If you need a healthy body,
Go to the Olympics now,
Ask me how.

Dolly Vohra 3-B

The newsletter HQ investigative journalists snuck up on an exhilarated Mr. Ledlie, who I am sure needs no introduction and our newly crowned athlete of the year Saumya Dasgupta. Here is what our Tour De France hopeful and our Lean Mean Green Medal Winning Machine had to say.
(As told to Varini Sharma And Svati Goel)

Interview with Mr. Ledlie:
NL: How does it feel to win the bicycle race for the parents?
Mr. L: It feels great, but my bum hurts.
NL: How important are sporting events like these according to you?
Mr. L: I think that these events are extremely important. I just love to see so much enthusiasm and sportsmanship in these kids.
NL: Is this more of a personal victory, for your son or his house?
Mr. L: I think victory is for victory’s sake. That is what I like about Vasant Valley, it has two ‘V’s for victory.

Interview with Soumya Dasgupta:
NL: What were your first thoughts when you were awarded the Athlete of the year?
SD: I was overwhelmed, and am very very happy. I have wanted and dreamt about this title since I was in fourth grade.
NL: When did you first realize that your dream could be made into reality?
SD: I think when I won the 100 m dash in sixth grade; I started thinking that I could actually do this.

The Atheletes of the Year - Soumya & Navya

Cross- Country Race
The Inter-House Cross Country race took place on October 14th. Children of classes 4-12 took part in the race with full vigor and the race was watched keenly by the remaining students and teachers.
The race, run around Sector-C, is flagged off at 8.30 a.m. at the school gate and completed with a round of the 200 meter track on the field. . There is unlimited participation from all the houses and this event always gets an enthusiastic response.
This year we were fortunate enough to be spectator to a number of nail biting finishes, such as the clash between Nisheeta Labroo and Shagun Bhadwar.
The results this year were almost a precursor to the Athletic meet results with Gobind Singh Tandon of Blue House winning Gold in the Senior boys category followed by Rinku Tanwar and Daksh Verma. In the Girl’s category, Meghna Mehta won the Gold followed by Nisheeta Labroo and Shagun Badhwar in the Senior Girls.
The cross country race is a grueling test of energy and endurance. It has drawn spectators in large numbers over the past and will surely continue to do so down the line- unarguably, one of the most popular events featured in the Track & Field Meet.
Yaman Verma, Rhea Maini

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One for the Gold

She was undisputedly-the one
Unparagoned she was chosen
At fifteen-so young…
And we sit here in awe
Weighting for her
As the crowd beseechingly roars
“Push yourself, and-
the unassaible will be yours”
chin up and chest out,
she loosens her muscles
ready to conquer the crowd
The first strains of the music
Can be heard
It is now time for my little bird
To spread her wings and dance
Give us flight-
Put us in a trance.
Blue and white leotard glistening
She poses for the camera-mid-plie
As the glitter in her hair is shining –
And then she breaks away-
Gliding, double cartwheel and mid-plie-
The skates are barely on ice
A triple flip-twice
Blue and white converge, as
Dance, music, and sport merge
She flies, she spins
And she barely lands,
Before she starts-
All over again
The crowd has been struck
She is a phenomenon, and
Diva worth gold
Yanni’s powerful music-
Along with the Grecian theme
Slowly haults.
She dips and bows,
Smiles and waves at the crowd
Flowers, cards and gifts
Are lobbed at her
As the coach waits quietly……
The results are going to be out-
She waits-muscles throbbing
With exultant energy
“Cary Williams-9.8
Cary Williams-9.8”
And the scores come alive
On the digital board.
She breaks free-yanks off her skates
And nimbly runs up to me.
I swing her around-
My diva worth gold.
She has done it-done us proud
Eight golds for her-
Olympic champion of Grecian year
A niche in the temple of fame
She is the master of her game
She is undisputedly-the one
Unparagoned - she is chosen
At fifteen-so young
But as of now, she stands tall-
She is the winner-she’s taken it all

Varini Sharma

Sports Star of the Week
Navya Dayal

In this interview you will see an answers from both Navya‘s friends as well as Navya herself for each question. Let’s see how they tally.

Q1. What does she think of sports?

Friends: She’s very passionate about sports, yet also thinks it’s great fun. She’s certain that it is something she must do and work hard on to succeed. She never ever misses training for sports.

Navya: I’m very serious about my sports. I practiced very hard with Ms. Paul the athletic teacher and followed her training schedule religiously. Besides that I exercise a lot at home. I worked really hard for my athletics and am glad it has all paid off.

Q2.How does she see herself as an adult?

Friends: She wants to be an athlete, she has her goals set out already. (Rightfully awed)

Navya: I aspire to be a long jumper when I grow up. My favourite long jumper is Anju Bobby George and I followed her performance in the Olympics with great interest.

Q3. How did she get into long jump?

Friends: It came almost naturally to her and she’s been excelling at it ever since she first tried.

Navya: In fact I never knew that I could do long jump, but I seemed to be really good at it, and Ms Paul encouraged me to work hard at it. I even managed a bronze medal in the U-14 category of the CBSE athletic meet. (quite an achievement considering she’s only 10 years old)

Q4. Does this passion extend to studies also?

Friends: She’s very serious about her studies, and she’s good at it too. She’ll never miss her work at any cost. (Does she miss anything?!!)

Navya: Although I am completely dedicated to athletics, I take my work very seriously and try not to miss out on any lessons or assignments if I can. (She didn’t mind missing Hindi class to answer our questions)

Q5. How does she feel about her performance at Sports Day?

Friends: She’s really happy that she contributed to Red Houses’ winning performance, but more importantly she’s just happy that she finally managed to beat her friend Caroline. All she kept saying was “ I finally did it!”.

Navya: I’m really happy that I won so many medals and contributed the little that I could to the Red House tally. (She contributed a total of 30 points with 5 golds, a silver and a bronze) I never thought I‘d be able to beat Caroline and am very happy with my performance.

Q6. Tell us about the other side of Navya, her good and bad points.

Friends: She’s very funny. She’s friendly, kind and sweet to everyone. She’s also very artistic.( inputs of a number of friends ). As for bad points, Navya doesn’t have any bad points (In an are-you-kidding voice).

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners!!!

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Gold Medal Winners on Sports Day


“I’ll kill you alive!”
Sakshita Prabhakar, vicious threats, eh?
“My head’s flying!”
Smiti Malik, new aviation technology!
“You’re drawing a construction?”
Sanya Mahajan, showing off her geometrical skills!
“I live the fatherest from here!”
Ashutosh Kumar, OUR VERY OWN EDITOR!!!!!
“I’m eating coke and drinking chips!”
Talisa Oberoi… really?
“I haven’t seen him for so long any more.”
Silvia Augustine, caught in a time warp?
“The A.C. was on at full on room temperature.”
Zoya Hussain, huh?
“Pearl Harbour is a cricketer!”
Vaibhav Malik, an obvious cricket fan!!
“I’ll get you an ice cream for free; you just have to pay me seven rupees…”
Kartikeya Khanna, “poor” guy.
“Let’s find out the volume of a rectangle!”
Karishma Dhawan, lost dimensions.
“Who is me?”
Ragini Hazari.. a little lost, identity crisis perhaps?
“We can eat a movie and watch some lunch.”
Akanksha Chawla, plans for Saturday??
“Many lives are dead…”
Dhruv Raturi, trying to explain death rate.
“Will you sing a solo with me?”
Shiv Nath Katariya, solo-duet trio….
“I’m gonna write a letter to the editor and sign off as ‘synonymously!’”
Nakul Dev, part of the Ed board??????

Pulling 'Em Down - Teachers Win The Tug Of War

Editorial Board

Yaman Verma, Rhea Maini, Nitya V Singh, Rishab Sareen, Arnav Sharma, Ashish Aggarwal, Saranya Misra, Jaagriti Seth, Varini Sharma, Svati Goyal, Nakul Dev, Arjun Srihari, Akanksha Chawla, Shiv Nath Katariya, Saira Dayal.

Sports Desk

Rohan Arora

Ashotosh Kumar