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Vasant Valley 

2nd September, 1999 ISSUE 8 T  O   D  A   Y


M.S.V.V. Economics Symposium EXPRESSIONS











Modern School Vasant Vihar held an   Economics Symposium in the 25th of August, Wednesday. The speakers from our school (accompanied  by  a group of class XI and XII students) were Saurav Roy and Meha Desai. The  quality of speaking was very good and all the students enjoyed the exposure.


Vasant Valley's Basketball Team was soundly beaten  on the 1st of September. They were beaten by the Barakhamba Road Branch of Modern   School, by a margin of over 20 points. Losing seems to be becoming a habit with our   basketball team. Let's hope that this trend will noy continue under new captain Karan P. Nanda. 


Vasant Valley's Annual Drama Festival was held on  the 23rd, 24th and 25th of August. The theme that all schools were given was 'Countdown'.   Many schools were represented including Sardar Patel, Shri Ram School, Mothers   International, The Air Force School, and many others. Junior School and class VI, VII and VIII  went to see it. 


Assuming ‘values’ implies qualities, characteristics and traits, not just relating to   principles of right and wrong, and that the life has some meaning and aim, I feel that  the following values should be inculcated in each child.

I believe individuality, originality and  creativity to be the most consequential traits of all. Every person is different. It is  important for every individual to realize that and develop his own personality. He must  learn to stand up for what he believes in. he must formulate and voice his own opinions.   He must discover for himself what he likes. No one should be afraid to speak out.   Individuality, originality and creativity stem from strength of character and self confidence.  But there is no use in being strong and confident if you don’t think yourself.

Aping the person next to you will never help  you, nor will it get you anywhere. Simply because you can never be that person only a cheesy   version of that. Everyone must learn to express themselves in their own way., and not  one drafted by anyone else. But on the other extreme, one must not refuse to listen to  what others have to say or let themselves be influenced. Exchange of ideas, debates and  arguments are essential. You must not shut the rest out or else you’ll be shrunk in a  rut and never be introduced to anything new. All this is result of self confidence  and strength. Having faith in one self is an imperative and indispensable condition.  Apart from all this a person must be tolerant about other people and their beliefs,  opinions tastes and habits. Live and let live. 

Sensitivity towards others sentiments and their feelings should be inculcated from the very  beginning.

Hence the values that must be instilled into  every child are: strength, self confidence, individuality, originality, creativity, tolerance,   broadmindedness, sensitivity and the ability to think fast, clearly, rationally and   logically. Every child must find his or her own place in society, and in the world and  accept it. Big egos are an impediment to the development of the person.

The best ways, I feel, to instill these  qualities are through interactive discussions and regular moral education classes where  each child does some heavy soul searching. These sessions should be held at least once a   week, especially from age ten onwards. Another way would be to encourage the child to take  up some healthy pastimes and hobbies. Each child should have at least one interest.  Reading a newspaper and hearing the news would help too. Reading should be a must.  Listening to music and watching movies also help. All of the above are mediums for the  child to express himself. He can formulate his own opinions and determine his tastes before  someone else does it for him. An unoccupied child would most certainly be less confident and  more insecure. This would lead him to look for a leader in his peer group. Therefore I  feel discussions on healthy pastimes are the solution.

Saloni Mira Rai



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