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Vasant Valley               2

industrialisation VS westernisation

George  Fernandes kicked IBM and Coke out of our country so many millions of years ago. I remember  tasting a Thums Up after drinking Pepsi for the first time and cursing this kurta clad  "swadeshi" patriot, in between gas filled burps.

That was a long time ago and I didn’t even   know who Mr.Fernandes was, but I blamed him for each sub-grade, shoddy item I would use.  Now of course much of the country has joined in the chorus due to his ‘astute’  handling of the Kargil crisis, but that is another story.

Of course, he had his reasons for swadeshi then  and being an Economics and History student I know that he was probably right. But I griped   then and I will gripe doubly loud now if anyone starts this swadeshi kick. If our country  needed the better half of a hundred years to build our economy, excellent we got it. We  have had our chance to build an indigenous industry and we have done so moderately  successfully. After all we have our own Ambanis and Tatas and Birlas.

If we need more than 50 years to live in a  cocoon, not know how our products and industry match up against foreign competition, we do   not deserve to have any industry at all.

And for all this Westernisation jazz, it  isn’t much more than wool being pulled over our eyes. Our society has always been one that   accepts and assimilates. We have been one that took in different cultures and coexisted with  them Right from when the Aryans arrived in Hindustan we have accepted people and ideas  from outside.

People’s beliefs and faiths are definitely  one of the strongest things in the world. Do you think because a person instead of buying   Wills’ can buy a pack of Marlboro cigarettes he will stop praying to Lord Shiva  everyday? Just because a child can drink a Pepsi does not mean that pepsi is eating into his  mind and soul and making him American?

This false patriotism and jingoism is something  I for one can do without. We should learn that outside isn’t that far  anymore.

Prayaag  Akbar


jokes off the web

A scientist gets on a train to go to New York.  His cabin also has another person, someone stupid.

To pass the time the scientist decides to play a game with the  guy. So he says 'I will ask you a question and if you get it wrong, you have to pay me one  dollar, and then you ask me a question, and if I get it wrong, since your so stupid, I'll  pay you 10 dollars!'

The guy agrees and so they keep asking questions, and of course,  the scientist always gets the question right, and the peasant gets it wrong, they play  for 3 rounds, and then its the stupid persons turn. He asks, 'What has three legs, takes 10   hours to climb up a palm tree, and 10 seconds to get down?'

The scientist is confused and spends 3 days contemplating on the  question. Finally, the train

ride is coming to the end of the trip. The scientist takes out 10  dollars and gives it to the guy. He says ' I don't know, what has 3 legs, takes 10 hours  to get up a palm tree and 10 seconds to get down'?.

The peasant takes the 10 dollars and puts it into his pocket. He  then takes out 1 dollar and

hands it to the scientist. He shrugs, 'I don't know'


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