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31st August, 2000                                                                                                        Page 1



Class 8 went to the Sri Fort Auditorium to watch "Bacche Kaam Ke Sachhe" on Monday the 21st.

Digvijay Singh and Ankit Bahri participated in the Britannia Quiz Competition held at the Amity International School on Monday the 21st.

Class IX students participated in the awareness program for mentally challenged children at Anchal NDMC School. They participated in an Essay Writing Competition there. Hemangi stood third.

The Vasant Valley Basketball (Boys) team played in the Father Agnel Basketball Tournament and lost in the Quarter Finals to Sri Ram School on Friday the 25th in an extremely close match. The score was 43 - 41. To get to the Quarter Finals they beat Laxman Public School 41 - 24 on Monday the 21st and New Green Fields School 30 - 14 on Wednesday the 23rd

The Vasant Valley Girls Basketball team also took part in the Father Agnel Tournament. They too got knocked out in the Quarter Finals winning their first two matches 30 - 0 and 18 - 12 respectively. Again, it was Sri Ram School that knocked our team out in the Quarters.

Tuesday the 22nd was declared a holiday for the whole school on account of Janamashtami.

On Friday the 25th, Class 8 participated in a workshop on Creative Writing and Drama by Katha. It was held at the Sanskriti Auditorium.

Dr. Narayana hosted a workshop on Vedic Maths for classes IX to XII on Friday the 25th.

The Vasant Valley Junior Soccer Team played G.D Goenka (Boys) in a friendly match on Saturday the 26th. Our team won comfortably, beating them 10 - 0. Rishabbir Singh was the highest scorer, scoring a double hat trick. WELL DONE!! 

The results for the Vasant Valley Poetry Recitation Competition are:

Classes 6,7 and 8:
Arjun Singh, Class 8

Classes 9,10,11 and 12:
Saloni Mira Rai, Class 12


The Vasant Valley Basketball Team (Boys) played Bal Bhavan School on Tuesday the 29th in the Mount Saint Mary's Basketball Tournament. Our team won 42 - 40. Their next match was against Sri Ram School on Wednesday the 30th. Our School proved that they were the better team and beat them scoring 50 points against their 45 points.

She was disgusted. Nothing was going right. Her boss was angry, her fiancÚ furious, her colleagues bugging her. She entered the small restaurant where she lunched everyday and then she saw him.
It was him. It was him alright. His swagger, the way he flicked his hair back, the scar on his forehead.
In an instant she was transported back to Kashmir, 1983. She was just an average eight year old on a holiday with her parents. They had been out the whole day and had just come back to the circuit house when they realized that they had left their camera in the taxi. Not wanting to lose the lovely photos of Kashmir's beauty, she was immediately dispatched to the taxi stand, a stone's throw away. She returned only to find her family, or whatever was left of it, scattered all over the courtyard and a man standing there with a rifle in his hand looking at her with an evil glint in his eye. He started to aim at her, but then somehow thought the better of it. Perhaps he thought that she was only a girl. 

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