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Vasant Valley                      

3rd August, 1999 ISSUE 5   T  O   D  A   Y  


Music Sounds Better with Rain


What is the most interesting event to have taken place in society in the last hundred years and why?











The Vasant Valley Indian Music Competition was held on Friday, the 30th of July.

The competition was extremely well contested, and pretty eventful as well. The group songs were mostly abuot the coming of 'Saawan' and fittingly, it started to pour, and we had to vacate the central courtyard. Finally, the students sat in corridors and alcoves, and this added a festive touch.

The winners were:

Male Vocalist: Rohit Roop Ghosh (XII C)

Female Vocalist: Bansuri Swaraj (XI B) and Jaya Sharma (XI C)

Instrumental Tabla: Ritwick Ghosh (IX C)

String Instrument: Mritunjay Devrath (XI C)

Group Song: Blue House singing "Saawan" by Shubha Mudgal.


Congratulations to you all.

Vasant Valley Out

Vasant Valley, defending champions were knocked out of the brother Mahony Tournament, on the 24th of July. They lost to St. Mary's Academy, Meerut, only on penalty strokes. Chances were missed during play, and Sharad Bajaj, Abhishek Haldar and Karan Lamba missed their penalty kicks.

I, being a girl, am very happy to have seen the changes taken place in the role and position of women over these hundred years. It certainly gives me a push just in my teenage, to be ambitious and a strong woman in the next century.

Till about 1960s, women were exploited and maltreated in many ways. On the villages and slums, girl children were killed as soon as they were born. This alone suggests the status of women in that age. As we all know, women were a social and economic problem in society. They were made t do all the dirty housework and were not exposed to education. Even marriage was a problem for the parents, as they had to give dowry. And as for the bride who had to get married, they were innumerable problems from the fact that she had no say as to who she was going to marry. Had I been born around 25-30 years before I actually was, I would be a housewife married at the age of thirteen or so, having many children, and probably married to someone who would hit me, or someone I didn’t like.


The most interesting thing to have happened this century is the music revolution. And I don’t mean the revolution in the 60’s and 70’s. I mean the techno revolution happening right now. The emergence of so many "unclassifiable" styles all merged to form alternative music. From the time technology meant an electric guitar, we’ve certainly come a long way.

Uptil the late 70’s, there were very few and restrictive styles of music.

However, it is very interesting as well as satisfying to see that, living in the same century, these problems are solved. Now the status of the women is equal to that of men. Almost half the women of India are working now and each one is more strong willed that the women who lived in the earlier half of this century.

It is very interesting to see women being bosses of companies, being principals of schools, playing a positive role in politics too. Now they wear suits and carry briefcases to work just like men.

I am quite sure that in the next century, women will be far more superior to men. They will overshadow men in every aspect. I say so, because women will always have one more quality than men, and that is to show more sensitivity and sympathy. For instance, Mother Teresa. She is world famous for her compassion and love she showed to children. Now, such a thing is very hard for men to do, hence, I can’t wait for that day where women will have a higher status than men.

Raushni Juneja                       XI-A

Although, the revolution of the past decade of "flower power" and make "love not war" did bring music and its message of peace to the political forefront. This did a lot for music in general, by showing its universality by crossing all barriers and transcending even language.


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