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If you are feeling down and want a good laugh then take a walk down to the field. Some class or the other will be coming down for a P.E. period. The class starts off with most of the girls sitting out because they are too fragile to run and exercise. The students who have changed into their P.E. clothes then go for rounds of the field. Normally they are supposed to take 2 rounds, but what you’ll probably notice is as follows. The dedicated student takes 3/4 of a round. The normal student takes 1/2 of each round and the daring student takes 1/4 of a round. Then you’ll see kids leaving themselves loose and bending over as if the are relaxing, there’re actually doing the warming up exercises.

When I first wove


My threads were blue, one light one dark

The needle big, the cardboard hard

I began with the light blue one

Through the first hole my weaving begun

It was fun till I knew not

The l-o-n-g thread would easily knot

"Oh granny! Come please help me out!

I don’t want to lose this weaving bout!"

The warps were done and the wefts begun

Granny said, "Be deft my son,

GO above one and under the other."

"Is it difficult?" asked my younger brother

Soon I got tired

And my mom was hired

The thread knotted and she perspired

Slow and steady we carried on

It seemed that it would finish at dawn

"Looks nice and bright," said dad with might

I hope the weave isn’t too light!


Mihang Adil



After that groups disperse together and each group is given a ball or racquet or whatever they require. They then spend the next two periods playing the game they chose to play. You’ll see some competitive but low standard play. There are normally less people playing a full field game, so you see 5 aside soccer with each guy trying to show his individual talent. Wait till the end of the first period and you’ll get a feel for the lack of stamina of our students. Even the skills are far below any reasonable mark. It looks more like kids playing in the park than a P.E. period.

Sports camps also have a lot of major problems. First of all, they are quite scarce, not many take place. The ones that do occur will never have the complete number of people.

 Mr. Fernandes, Will you pay for the dead Jawan?

Or for that matter, General V. P. Malik…Can you explain why a note fearing intrusions in Kargil circulated throughout the Ministry of Defence was not acted upon? Can you explain that to the dead Jawan’s widow? Or to his bereaved mother? Try… And yet you will be unable.

Brigadier Surinder Singh of 121 Kargil Brigade who has ever since been transferred, faster than George Fernandes changes his "Kurta" warned of possible territory hacking by Pakistani soldiers. This was as far back as August 1998. What was George Fernandes doing then? Of course baying for Laloo's blood in Bihar. What was Chief of Army staff V. P. Malik doing then? Of course strengthening the Army’s chain of command so that no communication ever reached him.

Much water has flowed down the Indus since Pakistani intruders were forced to withdraw. Let me assure you this is not a "Great national victory," as touted by Mr. Prime Minister. Instead it was a pyrrhic victory. Something which was not necessary, something which caused as dear.


The camp situation is a step up from P.E. periods but far below what you would expect from prospective school team members. There is the same lack of discipline and focus in the camps.

There are some concrete reasons for the pathetic sports situation in our school. The first definitely being that the P.E. staff is just not interested and don’t have complete commitment. It is after all there job to teach the students and not just give them a ball to play.

I am sorry to say this, but the Gams Committee has not been preforming its duties. Let's hope we see some changes, for the good of Vasant Valley's sports future.

Sharad Bajaj, XII B

There is a massive cover – up operation much larger in scale than Operation Vijay. Only thing being different, it will not bring the Army Brass and the government anywhere near "Vijay."

The need is to create an unified Army Command, so future communiqués can at least get acted upon. By the time a communiqué winds through the labryinthines of the chain of command, the enemy can capture Delhi… I hope it doesn’t come to that.

For it will even be too late for Mr. Fernandes and Co to offer their "intelligent analysis" of the situation.

Saionton Basu, XII B


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