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Wednesday, 3rd March, 1999

Vol II No.67

School Watch


On Tuesday, the 23rd Class II had a English Loud Reading Competition. The winners were Sonal Marwah and Madhav Soi.

On the 24th, Nursery went to the Railways Museum, while on Saturday the 27th the Class XI team played the staff and Class IX in a cricket match. The Class IX and Staff team won the match. However, Class XI had a drawback in that many of their regulars like Jasmeet, Sharad and Karandeep Singh weren’t playing.

Class VIII, IX and XI went to hear a talk given by the world famous author and humanitarian Dominique La Pierre, on Thursday, the 25th. This talk was held at the Spastics Society of North India, and schools from all over Delhi were there. He spoke about how children were the future of India and so they should be looked after.

wpeF.jpg (6911 bytes)

On Friday, the 26th of February, Science Day was celebrated with much activity in our school. All the classes held different activities, and competitions were held in each section. Nursery, Class I and II watched a slide show on Animals. Class III, IV and V watched a slide show and a movie on the Human Body, Class VI had a Salad Making Competition, while Class VII and VIII performed experiments that interested them. All the classes also came and saw the experiments that had been put up. An Inter-Section Quiz was held by Amitayush Bahri and Puja Mukerji for the Class IX students. The day was rounded off by the Science students of Class XI holding a seminar on a variety of topics.

On Monday, the 1st of March, a talk was given by Dr.Rajan Gupta on the causes of diseases in general and AIDS in particular. This was part of a series of workshops the school is holding to generate AIDS awareness in different parts of our society.




life’s like that

Imagine how other lives would be


There would be so much to know and see


There would be things strange and unknown


While some lives are happy other lives would groan



Lets take Princess Diana


A fine life she led


One night out with Dodi


And she turned up dead



What about Michael Jackson?


Music, he likes to play


He turned his skin from black to white


Is there any more to MJ?



Now lets come to me


There is not much to say


Except I like to have a lot of fun


But my sisters pound me into clay



Karam Bajwa



Money Makes The World Go Round


Potgold.wmf (19092 bytes)


Watching movies, doing things that are cool

Having fun with buddies from school

Bowling alleys, video game parlours, and places that are funny

Boy! The only thing that makes the world go round is money.


Setting up a business, driving flashy cars, ambitions like reaching for the stars

Marrying pretty girls that you can call honey

Pal! The only thing that makes the world go round is money.


When different countries you want to hound

In luxury cover a lot of ground

Mountains that are cold, beaches that are sunny

Man! The only thing that makes the world go round is money.


A mountain of treasure when you grow old

Everything but comfort is put on hold

Gifting the grandchild with an expensive bunny

Believe me, the only thing that makes the world go round is money.



Nikhil Awasty






I’m late to school

I’m clumsy with food

I’m late again

This time for dinner at ten

I’m sloppy with knives

Hey let me be

Its my life


I know my manners well

I open the doors when I hear the bell

I’m sweet to the person

If he or she’s sweet to me

But if I’m in a bad mood

God help thee


I’m a sweet person

If you know me well

I could treat you as in heaven

Or even as in hell


Let me be the way I am

Even if I’m late

Even if I’m sloppy

Even if I’m on a date

Let me live the way I want

I love my life the way it is

Try it its great


Leave me alone

Let me be

It’s my life

Its happy and its me



Vrinda Sharma


Walk With Tomorrow…Today

The workshop organised by Mr.Jayshanker proved to be quite an interesting experience. There were nine of us who attended the workshop. On the first day we all reached around 10 AM, which is when the workshop started. We had a round of introductions, which was done in a rather different way. We were paired with someone who we didn’t know too well out of the nine of us. We found out more about each other, and then we introduced our partner to the rest of the workshop. This was the beginning of a rather interesting topic. We discussed the importance of viewpoints to everyone’s daily life and existence. We studied it with the help of some Psychology. Then Mr.Jayshanker asked us who winners were and to name a few. The same was done with losers. This further substantiated his point about viewpoints. We then watched a movie called "Eye Of The Beholder" It was really quite interesting to see how ones perception of the world defines another person in their own standards. We also talked about the different parts of somebody’s personality that come out in front of other people. We then talked a little about the factors needed to be successful. We had another exercise to try and put as many square wooden blocks on top of each other using the wrong hand with a blindfold. We also had to declare how many we thought we could pile up. Everyone did more than they thought they could. We then discussed a characteristic called "Pygmalion". He talked to us about why we could do more than we thought and explained it on the basis of this characteristic. We then ended the day watching a movie on "Paradigms" that discussed the changing trends with time and the need of utilising these trends and accepting them.

The second day we started our discussion again with "Paradigms". We then talked about what we thought the future would be like. After watching a movie that discussed this topic in further detail, we talked about our future prospects with respect to some companies. It was after this movie that we all actually started thinking about our future, and what we planned to do started becoming a little clearer. He then told us about the importance of being a good listener with the help of another exercise. So, basically we just kept talking about what we thought we would be doing in the future. The second day was more centralised around making our goals clearer and what we would and should do to get there. We ended the day by getting certificates and a sheet about how we should achieve our goals. What was really good news was that, the food was great on both days!!

Raghavinder Bali



S. Ramesh

Indian Cricket’s latest Sensation

For years India has had problems with its opening batsmen, particularly in the five day form of the game. Many batsmen have given this challenging position a shot but the majority have failed. Vikram Rathore, Sujith Somasunder, Nayan Mongia and Ajay Jadeja are just some of the batsmen that just don’t seem to be able to handle the job. The only successful opener that comes to mind is Navjot Singh Sidhu. But even he was successful only on our subcontinent wickets. He had an average of 50+ in India and not even an average of 30 abroad. We just couldn’t find anybody who could handle the new ball seeming and bouncing all over the place.

Enter Saddagopan Ramesh. A 23 year old southpaw, who opened the batting for Tamil Nadu. He was a prolific run scorer in both the Ranji and Duleep trophy. He also was very successful while batting for India ‘A’ and really showed his class while batting against the touring West Indies ‘A’ team who had the likes of Ian Bishop in their attack. Now he had to make his debut against the fire and venom of two of crickets best bowlers ever, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, bowling in the first match of an Indo-Pak test. Just about the most challenging position for a young debutante to be in. Looking calm and composed his first three runs in test cricket came off a well timed shot through the on side of Wasim Akram. Then later off a Waqar delivery he played a lovely punch off the back foot that went racing to the boundary. He went on to score a half century on debut. In the two tests he scored three half centuries, getting scores exceeding 70 twice. Then in the next test in Calcutta he scored 96. He put the icing on the cake with a magnificent 143 against the Sri Lanka in Colombo.

The feature of his batting that really strikes you is the amount of time that he has to play his shots. Even against the pace of Wasim and Waqar it seems like he is almost waiting for the ball. He does not have a great amount of footwork and at times plays slightly away from his body but he makes up with a very good eye and superb timing. He has the ability to play shots all around the wicket. He makes even the good balls go for runs, the mark of a world class batsmen. Even the rising, good length balls are not spared by Ramesh. He has a calmness about him when he bats and is always very relaxed. He is also hungry for runs. Overall he has the temperament needed to succeed at the highest level of the game.

It is still early days in this young man’s test career and he will have to continue to prove himself. He is still to be tested abroad. He seems to have the determination to get past all tests. Let’s hope this new asset to Indian cricket keeps himself together and continues to give these fantastic performances.

Sharad Bajaj



I Seek You

ICQ is an IMS (Instant Messaging Software) that enables you to chat in real time with your online acquaintances. It has many more than 30 million users already, and will surely continue to grow. What is really good

about this software is the vast variety of features it offers. It has an inbuilt search engine, it checks your mail (if you want it to), you can play games with other people online, it tells you when it is one of your friend’s birthdays, there is telephony also available (which is illegal in India at the moment) and a host of other features.

Another plus point of ICQ is that it can be maximised from a little flower icon in the system tray (that’s the bar on the right extreme of the taskbar; where the time is) to a window that occupies around a fourth of your screen, though the size can be adjusted.

There are many sound themes that are available, which enable you to change the monotonous "CUCKOO", which is the default sound for receiving messages. Like right now I have a Simpsons theme on my computer, which plays sounds from the show, whenever an ICQ event takes place.

There are other IMS’s around, but this is probably the most popular by a long way. People around the world are on ICQ and it is a great way to meet new friends. Plus, there are a whole lot of people in our school who use this software, so if you are on the Net, this is definitely something you would want. A word of warning: there are some really bored hackers online, who have nothing better to do than to take control of your computer or send you viruses. But there is not much chance of this happening if you only receive files from sources you trust.

ICQ has been created by an Israeli company called Mirabilis, and is available at a pretty decent rate – free. You can get the latest version of ICQ, ICQ’99 from, but this version is unreleased according to Mirabilis. But I have been using this for around six months and it hasn’t created a problem yet.

Aatish Bhatia


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