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3rd May 2002 - Page 3

Old age homes: A boon to senior citizens

I always wanted to know why old people need a home like this when they spent their lives building their homes and bringing up children? Why are they left alone at the hands of others to look after them? 

Why do their near and dear children leave them? I know there are many reasons but I am proud of myself as my grandparents live with me and I can never dream of another home for them. These homes look after all the needs of the old people who have no other place to go.

Radhika Chopra

One afternoon I picked up some letters from the letterbox, and while I was reading and checking our letters I saw one letter addressed to my mother form 'Help Age India'. I was curious to know about it. My mother explained to me about old age homes. My school gave me an opportunity to visit one such home. We visited this old age home in Fatehpur Beri in Chattarpur village.
When we reached the home we first walked into the sitting room where a man was sitting reading a newspaper. There was a big TV, fridge, chairs and some pictures in the room. 

We saw the kitchen and a small garden where we all sat. We met the people living here and sang songs for them and later an old lady sang a song for us too. We clapped for each other. We took a round of the home and saw rooms where three people were sharing a room and had a cupboard and bed to themselves. 
We met an old lady who was using a hearing aid and we got her a new battery so that she could hear properly. We met a ninety-two year old man. We saw people walking with the help of walkers. We also met the captain Mr. John, who helped people.

VVS returns from Woodstock

There’s always the next time

The girls and boys basketball team left for Woodstock on the 18th of this month. The Girls played their first match on the 19th against St. Thomas and won comfortably with the final score being 26-17. In their second match they were put up against the home team Woodstock and they lost 4-35. Besides the loss the team still made it to the semifinals where they faced tournament favorites Welhams Girls and lost. Ultimately it was Welham Girls who went on to win the tournament. Vrinda Sharma the captain of the team said that considering that the team did not have much height they played very well as a team. She also mentioned that the team's defence was their strong point. Shagun of class 10 being one of the new players in the team proved herself by playing well and Richa Sareen of class 

11 was one of the top scorers of the team.

The boys basketball team displayed a pretty disappointing effort by losing all 3 of their league matches thereby failing to make it to the next round. They played St. Georges first up and lost 17-37, then they went on to play Punjab Public school and lost in a closely fought contest with the score being 35-41 and lastly they played Welham boys losing 22-30. The teams individual efforts were highlighted with Shashank Bhalla scoring 26 points, Satyam Arora scoring 19 and Pankaj Bajaj with16. Amaan Raj Khanna of class 11 played well, with around 30 rebounds.

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