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3rd September 2001 - Page 3

Coincidence or Curse


In 1922 English archaeologist Howard  luck. Soon after the tomb was opened, 
Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of Kings in Luxor. They entered and stood dumbstruck. Never had they seen such a tomb, such splendor, untouched by the perils of time or by robbers. Walls were adorned by richly decorated paintings and the chambers were filled the canary was eaten by a cobra, which mysteriously appeared in the tomb, which until then had contained no form of life. The cobra, according to the Egyptians is the earthly form of the goddess Wadjet, the protector of Egyptian royalty. 
It was around this time. Lord Carnarvon's health began to deteriorate.
with an array of gilded furniture, weapons, statues, chariots and other objects. They emerged conquerors, victorious in their attempt to find the elusive tomb of Tutankhamun, the boy pharaoh.
Before the archaeologist entered the tomb, they found a stone tablet with a curse inscribed in hieroglyphic. It warned, "Death will slay with its wings whoever disturbs the pharaoh's peace. The archeologist paid no heed to this warning and went on with their work. But in doing so, did they bring upon themselves the CURSE of Tutankhamun? 
The first victim of this curse was Carter's pet canary which Egyptian workers believed would bring them 
He began to suffer from a raging fever and even in his delirious state could be hard muttering "A bird is scratching on my face." It was another Egyptian belief that the Nekhabet bird would scratch the face of anybody who dared to disturb the peace and sanctity of the pharaoh's tombs. Two months after entering the tomb, Carnarvon finally died. As he took his last breath, there was a power failure in Cairo, causing all the lights to go off for five minutes.
But this was not an isolated case. Within seven years of its opening, 22 people who were associated with the opening of the Tomb of Tutankhamun died soon after visiting it. 
1) Can you find anagrams of the following words: 

2) Using a tap, a container of 9 litres and a container of 4 litres can you measure 6 litres?

3) An American airlines flight from Canada crashes on the border of U.S. and Canada. In which country should you bury the survivors?


1) Brainy, aboard, scalar, astral, barged, braked, ramble, nebula, battle, cellar.

2) Fill A. Pour 4 gallons into B.
5 gallons remain in A.
Empty B. Refill B from A-this leaves 1 gallon in A.
Empty B and put the 1 gallon from A into B.
Refill A. Fill B from A.
This will take 3 gallons, leaving 6 in A. 
3) Why would you bury the survivors?

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