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3rd September 2001 - Page 4
Continued from 3
Lord Carnarvon's death was followed by the deaths of AC Mace and Richard Bethell who had been Howard Carter's assistants. Professor La Fleur, another archeologist died on the night he entered the tomb. George Gould, an American multi-millionaire contracted fever on the very same day he entered the tomb and died two days later. 
Joel Woolf, a British industrialist who was one of the first visitors to see the tomb fell into a coma and died on his way back to Britain.
Then in 1966, it was decided to hold an exhibition of some of the treasures of Tutankhamun in Paris. The director in charge of the exhibition dreamt that there would be danger if the treasures left Egypt. After a meeting to finalize the arrangements the following day, he was knocked down and killed by a car. 
His successor Dr. Gamal Mehrez paid no heed to the curse and went on organizing the exhibition. But as the mask of Tutankhamun was taken to the airport, Dr. Mehrez dropped down dead!
Coincidence or curse? This question has puzzled many for a number of years. Howard Cater, one of the original excavators, lived a completely normal life and died a normal death without the ill effects of the curse. Many people have tried to come forward with scientific explanations such as there were radioactive rocks present in the tomb. 

Another theory put forward was that there was a form of bacteria present in the tomb, which infected some of the workers and visitors. The man who put forward this theory however died soon afterwards!

Priya Malik

Screaming Banshee

Bombing cities to their fancy
International terrorists portray the screaming banshee
Whether in Xinjiang
The Hao-mintang
Or in Kashmir,
The Harakut-ul-Mujahideen
Terror is the code
Unashamedly taking the life of a lass
Is the hamas
Disrupting public life
They often use a knife
Bombed is a police station
Much to their vile fascination
Yet still,
They have their fill
Giving them haven and fleece
Are Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Greece.
They are fueled by religion
Which they claim is their mission
But they represent a minute minority
And to the rest, they are a liability

They have no pity, mercy or remorse
Hate is their life source
The need of the hour
Is to show raw might and power
To fight fire with fire
And brimstone with brimstone.
No longer will the death symbolizing banshees scream,
It shall be mitigated merely to a distant horrifying dream.

Nikhilesh S Chand

knock knock...

Think you’re pretty funny? Try getting the whole school to laugh at one of your jokes. The editorial board invites you to submit your best jokes (original ones only) within the next week. The jokes are to be submitted in the library and the best ones will be published in the next issue.

Editorial Board

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Editor- Priya Malik

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