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5th December 2002 - Page 2

Excellence Awards 2002-03

This year for the very first time, Vasant Valley School began the programme of giving out Excellence awards to children who had achieved overall excellence across their school life on Founders’ Day.. The awards were given to some students of class 5, 8, 10, 12 as well as the outstanding Alumni of our school. Here’s what some of them had to say after receiving their awards:

"The day I found out that the programme of giving out Excellence awards on founders day had begun, I was anxious to know who was going to get it. When I found out that I was getting an award, my heart skipped a beat. I was exhilarated that all my hard work had paid off. The day of founder's day, when 9 of my classmates were called on stage and given the award, a feeling of doubt crept up in me as my name was the last to be announced from class 10 and I could never be sure until the moment the award was actually in my hands. Getting the award of course, was an honor and to be recognized in Vasant Valley School amidst all the parents gave me great pride." 
Ashwin Garg Class 10

"I was standing amidst 1000 students and 2000 parents when my name was announced. I made my way onto the stage through the large crowd of people. Everything happened in what seemed to me as a slow motion picture without sound. I could visualize myself walking on the stage. A mixture of feelings flooded me as I shook hands with Mr. Aroon Purie, accepted my excellence award and turned my head to see thousands of eyes fixed on the stage, watching my every movement. I was extremely happy that my hard work through the year was recognized and that it paid off. There was also a sense of disbelief. I closed my eyes for just a moment hoping that my father was looking down on me and that I had done him proud. I walked off stage and was greeted by my mother who congratulated me with a big hug. 
Vidur Kaushish Class 10

"It felt very strange to receive the award, knowing it was the grand daddy of all scholastic awards and carried the prestige of being the cream of the school. I was strangely not surprised nor did I react in a strange manner when my father told me about the phone call from the school telling him to be at the function to see me get the award. I was very relieved to see the efforts of my teachers and parents and me being rewarded justly."
Ashutosh Kumar Class 10

"I was delighted when I got a call from Mr. Kapur, about me getting an excellence award. It was a glorious moment -receiving the award amidst all parents. It was a dream come true."
Simit Batra Class 10

It was a moment I will cherish all my life. To be honest I wanted it but did not expect it. It was moment of joy, and experience never lived in the past.
Before this I had gone on stage exactly 7 times. But surprisingly this stage appeared much higher and much larger. Low and Behold I felt as if I would burst out my clothes. Did I grow humungously in a flash? Or was it just a dream? But it was weird. The announcement of my name kept echoing in my mind. Whatever it was, it was just wonderful. Those people clapping, Mr. Puri congratulating me and my parents smile. It was all unbelievable. All the well wishers showered compliments on me and I felt great. I went home and kept the trophy safely. But before that, I hugged it hard. All this deserved a treat, so I got a serving of Butter chicken and Naan. 
This beautiful and exciting day came just because of my family, especially my parents, all my teachers and ofcourse the blessings of God. 

Kshitij Sharan Class 5

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