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5th December 2002 - Page 3

Excellence Awards are given to students for excellence in all fields of endeavour. In order to get these awards students need to surpass benchmarks in Academics, Arts and Sports, to participate and excel in both Academic and Non Academic activities, within and outside the school. It goes without saying that these students should have exhibited exemplary behaviour and are role models for their peers.
These awards are given to students of Class V (based on performance in Classes IV and V), Class VIII (based on performance in Classes VI to VIII),Class X (based on performance in Classes IX and X), Class XII (based on performance in Classes XI & XII), Alumni (based on performance in school, Board Examinations, Placements and Careers). 
The excellence awards thus reward not just excellence, but sustained excellence over a period of time. 

Class 5

Rhea Sadh 
Kunal Datta 
Kshitij Sharan

Class 8 

Vikrant Sethi 
Shiv Mohan Dutt 
Charvi Singh 
Class 10
Swati Sood 
Megnaa Mehtta 
Ashutosh Kumar 
Simit Batra 
Aditi Malik 
Aditi Malik 
Nisheeta Labroo 
Rukmini Bahl 
Vidur Kaushish 
Arjun Singh 
Ashwin Garg
Class 12

Siddharth Jain 
Prairna Gupta 
Aatish Bhatia 
Reety Arora 
Avani Birla 


Digvijay Singh 
Ankit Bahri

Digvijay’s & Ankit’s Parents receiving the Excellence Awards from Mr. Aroon Purie.

The press is very large. It has millions of machines. Like one machine dried the papers, the other machine got the print. Infact there was also a machine that folded the papers. There were many departments at the press.There was a Despatch department from where theysendthe magazines all over the world. Then there was a drying area where the sheets dried. The most intresting as the Sheet Fed. Here the sheets are put into the machine and the print comes on.The sheets get two colours at a time. 15 pages get printed in 5 minutes."
Neha VB 

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