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5th December 2002 - Page 8


The Senior School Girls Softball Tournament is going on

The Middle School Softball was won by Green House

The Middle School Boys Basketball Tournament is also going on

The AES Tennis Tournament was held from the 21st to24th November
The results were :-
Raghav Sarin and Raghav Roshan Bahl were runners up in the boys U-16 doubles category
Adhira Sopti and Rishika Jairath were runners up in the girls U-16 doubles category
Sania Mahajan and Nisheeta Labroo were the backdraw winners in the girls doubles category
Vijay Venkateshwar took the runners up spot in the boys singles activity

The CBSE Athletic Meet took place from the 18th to 20th November
The results were :-
Under 16 Boys
Karan Dewan - Bronze - Long Jump
Under 16 Girls
Megnaa Mehtta - Bronze - Long Jump
Shagun Badhwar, Saachi Preet Singh,
Nisheeta Labroo, Megnaa Mehtta - Silver - 4 X 100m relay
Under 19 Girls
Prerna Gupta - Gold- High Jump
Sonal Marwah - Gold - 800m, Silver - 1500m

Rohan Arora
Class X-B

A tribute to my Coach
‘A Salute to Mr. Shukla’

From a puny little water-boy to the captain of the Vasant Valley School basketball team, my coach, Mr. Shukla has always been there for me - as a source of inspiration, a guide, and as a friend; with his pieces of advice before the game, his encouraging words at practice or what touched me most, was his being the first one to wish me on my birthday. 
I joined the team 6 years ago with our captain Karan Jeet. I went for every game the team played for 3 years as the official water boy, learning every move of my 'idols' on court and heeding every word said on the sidelines. In my 4th year I got small chances to play. In my 5th year, I was part of the 'starting 5' and in my 6th and last year I was made captain. In my 6 years on the team, my coach kept me up with theconfidence he had in me … 
I remember the day, 6 years ago in practice when I got the ball and Tariq said, "Let him go, he's just a kid." Mr. Shukla got irritated and sent him for forward rolls saying, "He's not just a kid, he's the future captain." These words always inspired me to practice even when it was too hot to step a foot in the sun and they helped me when I was cursed by the team.
Mr. Shukla played a major role in turning me from a guy who got 2 calls a day … to the Sports Captain of Vasant Valley School! Thank you Sir!

Pankaj Bajaj
Class 12


Abhishek Narula, Ashish Aggarwal, Ashwin Garg, Anna Ahmed, Ashok Nayar, Ishaan Gupta, Mallika Singh, Nikhil Awasty, Piya Kishore, Prerna Gupta, Rhea Bhattacharya, Rishab Sareen, Saumya Rana, Sheenum Kumar Swati Sood, Vaneeka Talwar
Sports Desk: Varun Garg and Vikas Venugopal
Editor: Aatish Bhatia

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