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6th September 2000                                                                                                             Page 1

School Watch



An Inter-House Economic Symposium was held for classes 11 and 12 on Friday the 1st. The topics were:

- The tumbling Rupee - Should the RBI intervene?
- The Dot Com Bubble - Will it burst?
- Wavering indices of the stock market represent a troubled economy.

The team of Siddhanth Aney and Saurav Roy from Class 12 was adjudged the best.


Sakshi Sharda has made it to the Delhi Under-19 State Team in Basketball. She left for Sarkaghat, in Himachal Pradesh for the Junior Inter State Championships on Wednesday the 6th. The Nationals are being held from the 9th - 15th of September. It is an achievement which the school is proud of. We wish her all the best.
Varun Wadhwa of 7-A and Karan Vasudev of 8-A, both regulars on the Indian golf circuit. They told us a thing or two about their prodigious careers. Aman Raj Khanna, a member of the Editorial Board spoke to them both. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Q: When did start playing golf and how did you get into it?
Varun: I started 3 years back when I was 8. My Dad played at the Delhi Golf Club and encouraged me to start golf too. After a while I got a coach and took it up seriously.
Karan: I started in class-4 when I was nine. My Dad is a regular player and I used to accompany him to the club. Once in Bombay I got tempted to try and never looked back since then.

Q: How do you train?
Varun: I go every day to practice, usually at the D.G.C. I have an Australian coach who makes me train hard.
Karan: once I get back home, I get my clubs and leave to practice. I practice everyday from 5-7 except on weekends and play the course 16 times a month.

Q: Do you find it tough to cope with schoolwork while being committed to the circuit?
Varun: I only study during the exams.
Karan: It is tough but I manage to balance it out and set aside time for my studies as well. I'll leave school early to practice on specialization days.
Q: What is essential to win on the circuit?
Varun: You need to work hard, train hard, practice hard, and give your best when it matters.
Karan: Temperament is essential. You need to have the will to win and the killer instinct to grab your chance when it comes to you.

Q: Any role models?
Varun: (Bursting with excitement) Tiger Woods!
Karan: No doubt about it. He's the best!

Q: What plans do you have for the future?
Varun: After finishing school, I would like to take up golf as a primary career. I would want to get into the P.G.A but first I'll have to play in the Indian circuit, which I am not too keen about.
Karan: I'll try to get a college scholarship into a U.S college and after finishing my studies pursue golf as a permanent career and try to get into the P.G.A. 

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