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7th February 2003 - Page 1


- On Tuesday 4th of Feb, class 10 students attended a Talk on Cancer held at the British Council by Oncologist Timothy Hunt 

- Charvi Singh of class 9 got a silver merit certificate for the Cyber Olympiad.

- Last week the EA hobby children visited the Partha Sarthy rock at J.N.U. to study flora and fauna.

- 125 children, 14 staff members as well as a few parents participated in the Terry Fox Run on Sunday at the Canadian High Commission.

- Srinjoy Sarkar of Class XII participated in the HT City Photography Contest and won a certificate of merit.

- Aditya Kumar Roy of Class XII participated in the National Karate Competition held in Bombay and won a bronze medal in the under 18 category.

- The Farewell for Class XII's (2003 batch) was held on Friday in the school gymnasium. It was a great success in spite of the rain.

- Mayanka Uppal, Nikhil Mulchandani, Noor Jehan Rajput, Nikhil Aggarwal and Rahul Arora went for the Youth Parliament conducted at the Habitat Center.

- Students of Class X and Biology Students of Class XII attended a Talk on DNA Finger Printing by Nobel Laureate ‘Sir Alec Jeffery’.


The recent Columbia tragedy has left us all in a state of shock. The crew, up in space operated complex machinery, and successfully performed 80 scientific experiments. But sixteen minutes before its scheduled landing, the Columbia craft started to break apart. NASA lost contact with the shuttle, at around 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT), while it was 63,000 meters above the earth. The crew headed by Rick Husband, included the Indian-born Kalpana Chawla and the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. Peter McCool, Michael Anderson, David Brown and Laurel Clark were also a part of the crew.

Taking- off and re-entry into the atmosphere are the most dangerous aspects of a space mission. But in 42 years of human space flight, there has never been an accident during the descent phase . Administration officials said the shuttle had been way beyond surface-to-air missile range and there was no threat to the spacecraft. Unfortunately, during the take off, there was loss of an insulating tile causing the temperature to rise sharply during re- entry. .

As the whole world grieves the loss of these heroes, the least that can be done is to ensure that further space travel is safer and remember their contribution to science. We will all cherish Kalpana because she was one of us who dared to follow her dream by overcoming hurdles. Although not amongst us today, she will always be an inspiration as she is truly among the stars.....

Svati Goyal

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