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7th February 2003 - Page 4


A visit to the old age home

My Pet Cat
I have a cat as a pet,
And like all animals she hates the vet!
She loves to play with our yellow string,
Which is actually a part of my mother's knitting!
Everyday she sleeps on my bed
She crawls up onto the pillow Leans on my head 
But when it's time to rise and shine,
She always wakes me up before time!


I like to fly my kite 
On a moonlit night,
When the stars are shining bright,
And the fairies are in flight,
I like to fly my kite at night
Sahyr Kohli III-C

I wish I could fly so high like my kite
Up in the sky so nice and bright.
I would touch all the
clouds in the sky so high,
And from there, I would shout to my friends
Ashim Bery III-A 

Oh! My pretty kite,
So light and bright,
Goes up to a height
Other kites, watch out
For a flight.

Prithvi Atwal III-B

An illustration by Jiya Prasad of class III- C for the Bird Project.
We visited the Old Age Home to interact with people who had no homes of their own. We wanted to make them feel that they had someone in the world for them, if not their own children. We wanted to make them feel warm inside and make them realize that life was not as miserable as it seemed. We wanted them to feel that there will always be someone for them.
In the Old Age Home, there were old people who had come in search of a place to live in. Fortunately, they had found this Old Age Home and had begun to live there. But the most surprising thing was that they were not sad at all. In fact, they were quite happy. We talked to the old people there and listened to their stories. We sang songs and then one of the old people played an electric guitar for us and sang some songs too.
I felt sorry for the old people and I felt a rush of anger towards the people who had sent them there. I learnt that there were people in the world who forgot that their parents had looked after them when they were young and now it was their duty to look after them. I want to help them by making the world aware that we must care for senior citizens. I think an Old Age Home is useful because old people can come here if they are banished from their homes.

Raghav Raizaada V- C

I thought the play by special 
children called "Panchantantra Ka Sher" was good and I enjoyed it. I was surprised that they could do so well. I feel happy that those children can also perform on stage just as well as us.
Dhiya Sumar V- C
I loved the play performed by special children at the "Shri Ram Centre." The children could not control their muscles but they performed in stunning fashion. AdityaLal V- C

I thought the play by special children was fantastic and well presented. The children were not like me yet they had the ability and the confidence to perform on stage in front of everybody. Some lines were clear and some were not but we managed to understand. 
Neha Sharma V- C

We celebrated 26th January in a very-very special way. We had a Tricolour Food Festival. We were divided into groups and made Tricolour dishes for ourselves and others to eat. It was really a lot of fun and we enjoyed ourselves.
Prakruti Nanda V-C

For a change this Republic Day we had a Tricolour Food Festival and everybody's diet went for a six.
Yashvardhan Sathe V-C

For the Tricolour Food Festival my group made a carrot cake with white icing and green Kiwi fruit topping. As soon as we started serving it there was a stampede near our table. I enjoyed working at making the cake, it was like working in the bakery near my home. 
Vanya V. Singh V- C

My class and I went to 'Baal Bhawan'. We saw many things there. We saw a toy train but we could not go in it. 
Akhila Khanna III-B 

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