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7th February 2003 - Page 5

Letter to the Editor

A Ray of Hope...Hopefully By 

Last Friday, I was sitting in my friend's car and listening to music, when all of a sudden, I started crying. My sudden public outburst was caused by the sight of two little children no more than 4 years old, being beaten up by a taxi driver. The little one was being harangued by the driver, while the other child tried to protect him. Just looking back at them, I cursed my own comfortable life.

While we use French duvets, fluffed pillows- the works, their comfort is rubble, bricks and cement. We can afford to go to

Varini Sharma

fancy restaurants, while they don't get one square meal a day. Their education is restricted to drugs and dope while we can afford to go to private schools.

I'm not saying that we should give it all up, but that one sight changed my life altogether. I want to give those poor, uneducated children a ray of hope, and for that, we all need to work together. Give those children something to live for, because love only comes to those who believe.


Nearly every month, there's news of how cloning technology is poised to change our lives. From agriculture to medicine, from psychology to law, New Scientist's team has followed the potential impact of cloning and stem cell technology every step of the way. 

What molecular magic makes cloning possible? What would it be like to be an exact copy of your parent? Who is working towards human cloning? Could cloning be the end of humanity, and the start of something quite different? 

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