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7th February 2003 - Page 6


Our Junior Soccer Team is literally on a winning streak:

In the 6th Brother Mahony Soccer Tournament that is currently going on, Vasant Valley beat Army Public School 5-0 and Don Bosco School 6-0. The high scorers in both games were Avi Kakkar and Sanil Makhija scoring 4 and 6 goals overall respectively.

In the Timex Kickoff 2010 we are currently at the 2nd rank being beaten only by Modern School, Barakhamba. There are 4 matches left of this series.

In the Milo Soccer League, the boys from below class 5 have played 15 matches winning 13 and drawing 2.There is only one match left which will be held on the 7th of Feb.

The Softball and Cricket Tri-series (inter-section) will be starting next week for all classes. This is also to help make School and House Teams.

Camps of all sports are being held on a regular basis and the Senior School Soccer Team is doing extremely well. 

Most Inter House Matches have been stalled until April as the class elevens are on Preparatory Leave for their Board Exams.

By Tiya Tejpal and Anjali Malik
Class XII


1. What is the strength of the panel of empires for the World Cup 2003 matches?

2. Which team was awarded the honour of playing the opening match with the hosts due to their previous accomplishments and contributions to cricket?

3. With which country will India play its first match of the World Cup?

4. How many coins are going to be used for toss of the matches and what are they made of?

5. How many days will the tournament run for?

6. Which player will be playing his fifth world cup and also scored a century in the final of one?
7. How many matches will be played in this World Cup?

8. How many teams are participating in the world cup?

By Mayanka Uppal, 


Sheenum M. Kumar, Aman Raj Khanna, Tiya Tejpal, Rubaina Khan, Anjali Malik, Alisha Damodran, Noor Jehan Rajput, Vaneeka Talwar, Swati Sood, Rhea Bhattacharya, Ashwin Garg, Ashutosh Kumar, Svati Goyal, Sahiba Siddhu, Saranya Misra, Arnav Sharma, Varini Sharma, Ashish Aggarwal
Sports Desk: Rohan Arora and Ashok Nayar

Editor: Mihika Acharya

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