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7th March 2002 - Page 1
Schoolwatch EXTRA curricular  
The Girls Soccer Team, lead by Vrinda Sharma, suffered two humiliating losses against the Woodstock Girls Team. The scores were 5-0 and 4-0. 
The matches turned ugly, and three Woodstock players were injured during the game. Vrinda attributes the teamís disappointing performance to a weak defence. 

The entire school was buzzing with excitement last week as sporting legend Kapil Dev, along with golf expert John Walsh visited us. They came as part of a Golf Clinic sponsored by Nike. Interviews with both of them will follow. 

Science students of Class XI attended a lecture on Science Day by Prof. A. K. Jha on superconductivity. Prof. Jha is a renowned expert in the field, and he explained exotic theories of matter in a lucid and enjoyable manner.

A spectacular Science Day show was held on February 27 and 28. The days were packed with events, including a salad eating competition, a magic show, a science quiz, presentations, the launch of the science magazine and a lot more. Barring a few incidents involving fire extinguishers, the experiments went off great. An article on the science day along with a list of the winners will follow in the next issue of the Vasant Valley Today.

Ms. Anne Chapman from USA conducted workshops for Class XI on learning techniques.
Cara Tejpal of Class VII was selected as a Tiger Ambassador by INTACH. She has returned from Ranthambore, and was selected as Star Cub Reporter.


The Inter House Cricket tournament finals was played on the February 27 between Red and Green House. It was a 25 over a side game. Green House one the toss and elected to bat. Siraj Ali and Saurabh Manchanda got them off to a good start by making a 50 run opening partnership. Sirajís wicket brought the Green House ace batsman Dhananjaya Chak to the crease. He took the bowling attack apart eventully ending up with a 68 not out taking green house to a massive total of 175 in 25 overs.
In reply Red House got off to great start with the reliable opening partnership of Vikas Venugopal & Karan Vasudeva. The score was 68 for none in 9 overs and Red House were on track to pull off a miraculous comeback. But things didn't work out according to the plan as Vikas was out for 34 in a very soft dismissal and after that the team packed up. The only saving grace was Karan who ended up with a 44.
Green House eventually won the match by around 30 runs.

On February 22, I visited the to India Habitat Center for a workshop with various authors. I was excited about going, but on getting there I was disappointed to find that almost everyone on the panel were pompous, arrogant and projected an air of superiority. Most spoke a lot about very 
The first discussion was on history. When Roberto Calasso said that Indian writers should write more about Indian mythology, Amitav Ghosh shouted at 
He said Calasso was no one to tell Indian writers what to do, and instead should go home to Italy and tell his peers there how they should write. He said that he was tired of listening to Calasso Ďdrivelí, and that he was no one to talk because no one read Italian literature anyway. 
In the second discussion which was on multiculturalism. Roberto Calasso was further humiliated. When he told the story of a little girl who told the 
Mahabharata through picture, and did not portray Duryadhana as evil, Furukh Dhody said that this was not multiculturalism, and did not let Calasso speak further on the subject.
If any biographers were present they too would have been insulted when Nirmal Verma said that biographies were not legitimate literature.
To say the least, the lecture gave me a valuable insight into the minds behind the books that we read.

Daksh Varma

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