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8th August 2001 - Page 4

Desert Land

Dreams that weave themselves into reality
And waters of fulfillment that Are treasures that a mortal frame 
Yearns to find
We trudge fathomless seas
Long for the glisten of the rounded pearl
For all the gems of sweet content
That we somewhere left behind
But we fail to see the jester's malice
Who in our ignorance hides
He dons the suit of misleading hope
Exploits the paraphernalia of aphorisms in the human mind
Each day duly passes away
Contradictions always arise
Beaten we fall to the ground
Senseless, we feel not to have realized:
Life is a mirage, an artist's mind 
A mirage is all we can expect to find
Be it hope, faith or dismay
Someday it shall fade away
And here we stand, we look around
Our sweet joys are now salt on the ground
Our feet firm in sinking sand
We can only curse this desert land

Shruti Sharma 

Formula 1 Quiz

1. Which Formula 1 team has the "Prancing Horse" as its emblem?
2. Three teams are currently managed by former Grand Prix champions. Two of them are Jackie Stewart's Stewart Ford team and Alain Prost's Prost Mugen Honda team. Name the third.
3. Michael Schumacher is headed for another Formula 1 Championship this season, how many F1 Championship trophies already adorn his trophy room?
4. Name the former Brazilian F1 Champion who died in a car crash at Silverstone in 1993 allowing Schumacher to win his first F1 title?
5. On which track was the first 
ever Grand Prix held?
6. Before Mclaren which team was the Ferrari archrival with drivers such as Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill who won two consecutive Championships for it?
7. After Goodyear's retirement from F1 as tire supplier, which other team has now joined Bridgestone as the alternative F1 tire manufacturer for F1 racing teams?



1.Ferrari 2.Eddie Jordan's Jordan Honda team 3.3 titles 4.Ayrton Senna 5.Silverstone 6.Williams Renault 7.Michelin

Opinion Poll

This opinion poll covered 100 Vasant Valley students and teachers.
Do you think there was a political motive (as alleged by many) behind the murder of Phoolan Devi?

Yes 56
No 26
Canít Say 18

Editorial Board

Aatish Bhatia, Shivan Marya, Digvijay Singh, Pallavi Raghavan, Shruti Sharma, Deivyani Dheer, Amaan Raj Khanna,
Aditya Basu, Dhananjaya Chak, Umang Mittal, Kush Sagar, Varun Garg, Abhimanyu Chaudhuri, Deepika Aggarwal, Neha Chopra, Sadhvi Khanna, Kunwar Bahadur Singh, Mihika Acharya, Abhijoy Haldar

Editor- Priya Malik

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