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9th May 2003 - Page 1

Classes 11 and 12 were given a talk on the Mobile Creche.

A Visual Arts Workshop was held for 3 days. The workshop dealt with paper mache, sculpture, silk screen painting and other art 

Ashwin Garg has been selected for a full schoarship at UWC, Canada and Swati Sood has also been awarded 75% scholarship at UWC, Pune.

Classes 6 to 10 were given a demonstration on Karate by Kanishka Sharma.

The Khillona Theatre Group staged a very entertaining and thought provoking play, “Apna Apna Bhagya”

Mira Chandra will be representing our school at the prestigious Special Olympics which will be held at Dublin.

A wonderful Odissi dance performance by Madhavi Mudgal by Spic Macay enthralled the whole audience.

On the 7th of May 2003, Mercury passed across the sun, a phenomenon which occurs only 13 times over a period of 100 years. Our school had the golden opportunity to witness this rare event from our school with the help of a telescopic projection

An evening of Western Music will be held on the 9th of May from 7pm onwards.

School will close from the 10th of May for the Summer Holidays and will reopen on the 1st of July.


A team comprising Meghnaa Mehtta, Ashutosh Kumar, Rohan Arora and Shivan Marya went to Bishop Cotton School, Shimla to the Samuel Slater Memorial Debate. The pool we were in comprised of Bishop Cotton School, Shri Ram School and Cathedral John Cannon. we won our first debate against Bishop Cotton School but lost the other two, hence we ere elimimated from the debate. I won the Best Speaker Award in one
debate and the 3rd Best in the other.
The debate was excellent as the standards of Debating, Judging and hospitality of the Cottonians were great. The debate was swept by Cathedral John Connon who put up a spectacular debate each time they ewre up on stage. The students were excellent speakers and masters at the art of convincing. In fact, in a debate regarding History, one speaker spoke mostly on ‘Top Cat’.
Their style was unique and their arguments added colour to the debate. Hats off to them!

Shivan Marya XII-A


After a long and tedious process of writing essays, filling the application form and finally going through the six hour long interview process the procedural task of applying to the United World Colleges (UWC) was finally over. 
I got the acceptance letter about a week later, telling me I have been accepted into Pearson College, UWC Canada on a full scholarship. I was completely thrilled at the idea of being able to attend an International School of the highest calibre on a full scholarship, being only one of two children from India who have got this scholarship. While the feeling is exhilarating, it is difficult to leave home; and a school that I have become a part of in the last six years. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to build a similar affinity with a new school. This is going to be a decision, which will involve a lot of thought… 

Ashwin Garg, XI - B

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