9th May 2003 - Page 4
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On the tiger trail
at Corbett

On the way to Jim Corbett National Park we passed through many cities and villages. While driving through a village in Uttar Pradesh, we met a rowdy mob. They were protesting against the American attack on Iraq. They surrounded our buses shouting "Hoi! Hoi!." We had to stop. After about forty- five minutes every thing quietened down and we set off for our camp site. 
Arjun Badal IV-A
One evening I met a lost goat kid on the camp site. It was not at all timid and got friendly with all the children in no time. The kid frisked around the old trees and nibbled the leaves. I fed the hungry creature. It was quite amusing. It kept going under Mrs Mukherjee's kurta to save itself from the light drizzle.
Shabnam Kapoor IV-A
At Camp Roots
Amid the sugarcane shoots

We went for a tractor ride. 
We saw a brick kiln, strawberry fields 
and a sugar mill. 
I enjoyed myself thoroughly

Sana. S Hassan III-B

The camp site at Sidiqque Nagar 
had lots of poplar trees and greenery. 
I enjoyed the river crossing 
which was part of the obstacle course 
and rock climbing was fun too. 
Living in a tent and a dormitory 
was a new experience too. 

Amer Vaid III-A

Rafting down the rapids
At Beasi

We rafted down five rapids and then had a dip in the Ganga. The water was amazingly cold.
On the second day we went on a four- hour trek. When we got back we had a sand castle building competition. At night we performed plays around the bonfire. 

Sukhman Khera V-C

I could hardly sleep the night before camp. I was so excited. On the first day we went trekking through the forest and got to see a village. My tent won the sand castle building competition. On the way back from the camping trip we sang sad songs as we didn't want to leave the camp. 
Diksha Varma V-C 

The boy who could not see
Went into the forest with glee!
For here beneath the trees
He could hear the buzz of happy bees
He was glad he could hear
The forest sounds with his sensitive ear
The screech, the calls, and the roar we fear
These sounds to him were dear.
Though his world was dark
He could still hear his dog bark.
He could roam free as a lark
This was his light in the dark!

Sumer Dhir V-C


As I was passing by
Alone a boy was standing on the side
I asked him why he wasn't playing
He replied,
I cannot see, I am blind
Just like a flower I am growing wild.
He said with a tear
I fear.
Yes, children like to play with me
But when they realize that I am blind
They always take some other child
And I am left behind.

Neha Sharma V- C

My world is deep and vacant
Yet I feel, I smell, I hear,
I thank the lord for making me,
A human being with all the above
I walk with my head held high
Don't feel good when passers by SIGH!
For my world is dark yet beautiful
And every one around me makes me feel alive. 

Rachita Oberoi V-B

Is it a Monday or is it a Friday. This is what I wonder every morning. Because, on a Monday I'll become light, and, on Friday I'll be filled with heavy books. I cry when children mistreat me and I am thrown around and stepped on and look forward to my baths when I am made clean and shiny. Oh! I hate weekends when I am left in a lonely corner because I love to be among all my friends on weekdays. Gauri Khanna III-B

I am a school bag. My owner is Nirbhay. He takes me everywhere. I am red in colour. I have a soccer ball made on me. His best friend Arman gave me to Nirlbhay on his 4th birthday. We both go to school together. Sometimes when Nirbhay has camp, I rest and see Nirbhay play soccer. I am filled with knowledge because of all the books in me. Nirbhay Bakshi III-B

If I were a school bag I will be very sad. I will have to carry heavy loads of books. My master will not care for me . I will have to sit on the floor all day and get all dirty and nobody will care. I will not be able to play and will have to sit min one place all day. My mouth will be zipped, so I will not be able to talk. Annurat Munjal III- B

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