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                                            S U P E R S T I T I O N S                        

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, 
Or as they say, 
You get out of your bed the way you came in,
And you'll have a lucky day

Even though we don't believe these sayings,
They make us think twice, 
Nobody knows whether disregarding superstitions, 
Is harmless or do you pay the price.

If you have a cough, the best way to turn it off, 
Is to put a strand of hair, in between buttered bread that's spare
Feed it to a dog you've found and say "Eat this food you hound
May my troubles go to you, so I be sound."

Superstitions deal with love, supertions deal with hate,
Superstitions change living patterns, superstitions also deal with fate
If you sneeze and someone doesn't comment , "God bless you"
Your soul will escape all of a sudden, and the devil with suppress you

Superstitions are weird beliefs,
Or you could say disbeliefs
In today's world there's no time for superstitions, 
Our generation needs more relief.

Trijat Katoch, XI - B
Does it really make sense,
In our lives, to amend,
Something with no factual proof at all?
Things people have only heard,
'Superstitions' they're called.
Does it really make sense at all?

Does it really make sense,
To change ourselves,
The way we dress, we walk, we talk?
When a black cat passes by,
To set thing right, we nearly cry.
Does it really make any sense at all?

Does it really make sense,
For the world to come to a halt,
Based on things that are called 'superstitions,'
To change our condition,
Not for reality, but tradition,
Does it really make sense at all?

Yet there's something it seems, I can't explain,
All my efforts to reform have gone in vain.
People hesitate to change, for worse or better,
Beliefs imprinted on us for ever and ever.
The world we know, revolves around
That magical word…

Ashwin Garg, XI- B
Varun walked briskly, with a fast pace,
In a hurry to reach his friend Shiv’s place.
The Super Solver’s meeting was at eight,
And he was extremely late.
As he started running quickly on his toes,
Suddenly he saw something and froze.
A Black cat had crossed his path
There was no way he could go any further
He waited patiently for someone to cross before him
But there was no one as the light was too dim.
He couldn’t wait any longer,
Even though he was now in great danger.
He culdn’t miss the Super Solvers Meeting
That was held to discuss the next dinner feasting..

Varun walked on, through the misty lawn...
Would he fall and break his bones?
Or would he be attacked by a robber?
Or would the sky simply fall and break his head?
Deep in such thoughts,
He reached Shiv’s house and looked at his watch.
He was 15 minutes late.
“Oh! This dreadful fate.”
He knocked on the door
He was asked the password to enter the core
“Oh no! Oh Christ!” he mumbled,
Black Jack, Black Beauty but everything was jumbled
He coldn’t get it right
Everything was such a fright.
It was all because of the black cat 
Was the superstition indeed a fact?

Slowly he walked back home,
Confused, irritated and alone
Suddenly the password struck him,
In the light that was so dim,
He jumped up with joy in the darkness of the night,
And rushed back to Shiv’s place with delight,
How could he have forgotten?
How could his brain become blank?
The password was indeed the BLACK CAT!

Simrat Singh, XI - B

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