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C r o s s w o r d

1.There are 2 types of wind instruments; one is brass the other is_________? (8)
2.The first film, which had cartoons and people in collaboration, is "Who framed _______ Rabbit"? (5)
3.The first film festival was held in 1930 in ___________?(6)
4. Who is the star of the film series "ROCKY"? (8)

1.The first film to win the Oscar's for best picture was? (5)
2.Which famous rapper shares his name with a country singer? (5)
3.Which famous song in the 1750's was rumored to be written by King Henry VIII? 
4.Which famous French writer was exiled from France as a result of his political writings? (4)
5.Which reputed Bengali director is the author of the detective novel Feluda? (3)
6.Which film won the Oscar for the best costumes in 2003? (5)
7.What is the name of a singer who made her debut in the award wining film "To Sir With Love"? (4)


By Svati Goyal, IX - C

What is the difference between a Lawyer and Bloody sucking, life threatening leech?
The leech falls off when you are Dead...

Letter to the Editor

Well howdy folks! It's time to meet Texas' little machine gun President Bush of the U.S of A. Hey! Look he's jet setting in Iraq! Playing with his playstation of bombs and human lives. 
Zooming into the REAL picture - Boys and Girls - >

He's not dabbling in the arts
He's only destroying a thousand lives
What with coalition bombs and anger
To the tune of 'Most Wanted' he jives.

Is it the incongruence of this situation?
Or the lack of empathy
What with the world against you
There is no sympathy

It is just a game of
Destroying the race of humankind
Is your playstation game over Mr. Bush?
Or are you just aimlessly shooting, because you're blind?

Now the world's just a muted TV
Men just blabbing uselessly
Iraqis, being just a flock of sheep,
Are dying, face down in their misery

You said 'NO' to dictatorship Mr. Bush
And now you dictate our entire race
I wish you'd see yourself in the mirror
You'll be too cowardly to see your dictatorial face.

Once again I ask, "Is your videogame OVER Mr. Bush?"

Varini Sharma


Aditi Bahri, Hemangini Dadwal and Nikhil Aggarwal participated in the Sorajya Srivastav Debate on the 18th of April. We had participated in the preliminary round and lost it by 0.5points for making it to the semi finals...However there was healthy competition and we learnt a great deal. The day after was the Welham boys debate in which too we didn't figure in any of the concluding rounds
All in All it was a great experience. 

Hemangini Dadwal, XII-C

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