9th May 2003 - Page 7
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This time on "hitting the notes", I'd like to talk to you about Alternative Rock. Lately, we've seen loads of new bands emerging; playing music that can be definitely categorized in this genre. To name a few, are New Found Glory, Sum 41 and Blink 182. Also notable are Drowning Pool, Finger 11 and Punk Rock. 

If you were looking to download some good rock music, you'd like to check out Our Lady Peace, a Canadian band making it big in US, Canada and Europe. Filter is another band, which has some heavy music and good tunes. And don't forget the all time favorite Incubus with their radical stuff. Another astounding band is Mud Flow. They're a French band with English music. 

Heavy metal bands that are popular are Saliva, A and many others. Disturbed has crazy heavy metal music, and don't forget Crazytown back again with their most recent song Black Cloud. 

If you're are a bit on the soft side, then be sure to check out these bands, Coldplay, David Usher and Oasis. And putting aside Rock music for a moment, some good stuff to listen to are the following. Hailey's Song by Eminem, Someone New by Eskobar, Can't Stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Karma Police by Radiohead, SPIN by Lifehouse, And last but not the least be sure to check out the new artist Pete Yorn.

So just chill this summer with some good music to beat the heat

Sheenum M. Kumar, XII - B



Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving 

--Albert Einstein 


The Special Olympics and Global Youth Summit will be held in Dublin, Ireland from the 19th to the 30th June 2003. 

The Special Olympics, held every four years, is a global sports movement serving more than one million people in 170 countries. The Indian contingent will consist of 88 athletes and will participate in 11 events this year.

The Global Youth Summit takes place simultaneously to cover the events. Two students from India along with two from Japan will be covering the events for South East Asia. 
The Indian pair of students is Mira Chandra and Kamna Prem. They will be accompanied by Ms. Shalini Dave, the head of the special section.

Mira Chandra is a student of the special section of Vasant Valley School. In the national Special Olympics held in Delhi in 2002, she did us proud by winning 2 medals. She is friendly and affectionate and her gregarious personality helps her make friends wherever she goes. 

Kamna is a class 8 student in Vasant Valley School. She is a good athlete and has a special interest in softball. Warm, confident and caring, she is able to hold her own in diverse situations.

The school felt the need to sensitize all students about this event. The class 8 students were taken through the SOGII (Special Olympics: Get Into It) Programme given to us by the special Olympics in Washington. Vasant Valley is one of the 20 schols in India where the SOGII Programme is being field tested. It saw eager participation from the class 8 students, who agreed that the Programme should be extended to the rest of the school. 

In the last 2 weeks all the students from class 4 upwards saw the video presentation and were all touched by the determination of the special students to excel in sports.

Yaman Verma, XI-C

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