9th May 2003 - Page 8
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In the Inter House SUb Junior Hockey Tournament, Green House emerged victorious in both the Boys’ and Girls’ matches.

As a beginning to the summer holidays the school has scheduled soccer matches for the girls and the boys.

In the Soccer Match between the class 11 and class 12 boys, the score was 3- 0 in favour of the class 11’s with Karan Diwan scoring 2 goals and Dhruv Mahajan scoring 1.

In the match between class 9 and 10,class 10 won 2-0.

In the soccer match between the girls of class 6,7,8,and 9 vs.class 10,11and 12, the girls of class 6,7,8 and 9 outclassed the senior girl’s team.(1-0)

On Friday, the 9th of May, a match will be held between the Alumni and the School Soccer Team. May the best team win!

In spite of our extra- curricular activities having been called to a sharp halt due to the commencement of our half- yearlies, the Art, Music and P.E departments have many different workshops for us during the summer holidays.

On the PE front, there are the options of:
1). Judo- Karate
2). Aerobics
3). Athletics
4). Yoga and Meditation 
5). Soccer

!! B U S T E D !!

"I need dogs for my bones."
Tiya in a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

"Who's SARS?"
Khemta Jose probably wondering why SARS didn’t appear on page 3.

"Her father got postponed"
Cara Tejpal telling Tiya about her friend’s father’s transfer. 

"My poem has stubble humour!"
Amanat Dugal boasting over the teacher's remark on her poem.

”I woke up to see the snoring sounds”
Shivani Agarwal explaining why she woke up.

"Let this box be 'x'....X-Box!"
Ankit Bagga remarking observantly on a pencil box.

“I was out of the station.” 
Karan Goenka referring to the time he was out of station.

“What class were you in when you were in class 11?”
Kritika Singh ‘refracting’ on the past

“Did the author actually write the book?”
Mihika Acharya doubting the authenticity of the author.

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