Talk on  Organic Farming and its Long-term benefits  - 15th January, 2004

Mr. Tito Barbini, Agriculture Minister of the Region of Tuscanny, Italy,  visited our school today in the morning to deliver a talk on the benefits of Organic Farming. He spoke with special reference to the crops of Tuscanny and the related organic products like wine and grain. He is in India as part of a delegation participating in the recently concluded International Meet on 'Water'. Also he is going to present a manifesto on water in the forthcoming World Social Forum to be held on the 16th of January 2004 onwards in Mumbai. In fact he is working in coordination with Ms Vandana Shiva, noted environmental activist, founder member of Navadanya,  who is working on various burning issues like Presence of Pesticides in our produce, Privatisation of water, Bio-piracy and Patenting..... et cetera. The talk was followed by an interactive question answer session.


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