UNAIDS supports Vasant Valley School in initiating Life Skill Education Workshop - 8th February, 2004 

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Vasant Valley School supported by UNAIDS held a workshop on Life Skill Education at the school premises on Saturday, the 7th of February 2004 from 9a.m to 2 p.m. Teachers, students, parents and school heads attended the workshop. The workshop searched to bring together the various people involved, sensitize them and raise awareness about the need for life skill education.

All the schools present at the seminar developed a short and long-term action plan to which they would commit for the next one year. Vasant Valley School agreed to be the focal point to take this initiative forward and in this process collaborated with other key stake holders such as the Government, UN agencies, International Organisations and NGOs for technical support and resources. To support the above process, we will be organising two follow-up meetings with the core group and a final meeting later this year to review progress. 

The challenges facing young people today have changed significantly from those affecting generations earlier, some problems did not exist before, and others have intensified or become more complex for example, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, drug use, sexual and other forms of exploitation, and discrimination in its many forms. 

These are problems that are highly complex and with no easy solutions. Life skill approach may help to contribute in reducing the harm associated with these issues, and to maintain and promote healthy lifestyles.

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