Special Olympics

It gives us great pleasure to let you know that children from the Special Section participated in the XIII Special Olympics this year. The events were held at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium, from the 22nd to the 27th of February. The children started their athletics training in the last week of January and they haven’t stopped enjoying themselves ever since!

The track and field events chosen for them to participate in were the 50mtr run; 100mtr run; 200mtr relay; standing long jump; soft ball throw and shot put throw.

The children went on all 4 days. On the 22nd they participated in the heats and were placed in age and ability appropriate groupings.

All the children received participation certificates and following is the medal tally, some pictures and results of the athletic events.

 50 mts. run for boys 8-11yrs
Tarit Khanna          -  Gold
Aditya Chathrath   -   Gold
Karan Veer Singh  -   Gold

50 mts. run for girls 8-11yrs
Mira Chandra        - Silver
Mihika Row          - Ribbon 5th position
Komal Trehan       - Ribbon 5th position
Yutika Kathpalia   - Ribbon 5th position

100mtrs Boys 8-11 yrs
Aditya Chathrath   -   Silver
Dhruv Kohli          -   Bronze
Karan Veer Singh  -  Ribbon – 5th position
Tarit Khanna          -  Ribbon  6th Position
Rahil Varma           - Ribbon  6th. Position

100 mtrs Girls 8 –11
Mira Chandra    - Gold
Mihika Row      - Silver
Komal Trehan   - Silver

100 mtrs doys 12-15
Dipen Chandiramani       - Ribbon 4th position
Gursahay Singh Phulka  - Ribbon 8th position

100mtrs Girls 12-15

Pavna Bakshi  - Partrticipated

200mtrs Boy 12-15
Dipen Chandiramani  - Ribbon 4th position
Gursahaya S. Phulka  - Ribbon - 8th position

200mtrs Girls 12-15
Pavana bakshi  - Participated

100 mtrs Fast Walk Boys 12-15
Dipen Chandiramani - Participated
Gursahaya S Phulka  - 8th position

100mtrs Fast walk Girls 12-15
Pavna Bakshi Ribbon - 5th position

Standing long jump
Aditya Chathrath Ribbon - 6th Position

Soft ball throw Girls 8-11
Mira Chandra        - Silver
Komal Trehan       - Bronze
Mihika Row          - Ribbon 6th position
Yutika Kathpalia   - Ribbon 6th position

Shot put Boys 8-11
Dhruv Kohli  Ribbon -   4th position
Rahil Varma                  8th position


Dhruv Kolhi - Class 3

Rahil Verma - Class 3

Aditya Chathrath - Class 3

Yutika Kathpalia - Class 4

Front Row L to R - Karanveer Singh, Dhruv Kolhi, Tarit Khanna
Second Row L to R - Rahil Verma, Mihika Row, Komal Trehan
Third Row L to R - Gursahay Singh Phulka, Aditya Chatrath, Manav Saikia
Fourth Row L to R - Pavna Bakshi, Yutika Katwalia and Arvind Dutt

Komal Trehan - Class 4

Pavna Bakshi - Class 5