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Mark D'souza Memorial Interhouse Western Music Competition 2009
Mark D'souza Memorial Interhouse Western Music Competition 2008
Yale Student Group "Proof" perform at VVS 2008
Grace Church teachers and students at VVS 2008
Drama Festival 2008
Farewell Class Activity 2008
Heritage Walk 2007
Farewell Party 2007
Events 2007
Trek to Gangotri- Gaumukh-Tapovan 2007
Science Fair 2006
Prabhat Pheri 2006
Drama Festival 2006
Farewell 2006
Farewell 2005
Indian Music July 29th, 2005
Water Day 2005
Special Olympics Youth Summit 12 th April 2005
Athletic Meet Junior School, October - 2004
August End Pictures, August, 2004
Various Pictures - August, 2004
Exhibition on The Universe by Class 7 - 31st August, 2004
Independence Day 14th and 15th August, 2004
Various Pictures - April, 2004
Pool Pictures - April, 2004
Senior Class Act - 13th February, 2004
Life Skills Workshop - 8th February, 2004
Special Olympics - 3rd February, 2004

Hip - Hop and Rap Concert - 24th January, 2004

Class 11 Activity - 23rd January, 2004

Tiranga Food Festival - Junior School - 21st January, 2004

Class Activity - Class 10 A - 16th January, 2004

Talk on  Organic Farming and its Long-term benefits  - 15th January, 2004

CBSE Pre-boards 12th January, 2004

First Day at School 7th February, 2004

Dr. Elizabeth Burns is a post-doc scientist from Oxford - December, 2003

Mathematics Revision Class 4th December, 2003

Special Section Students Playing Hockey and at the Nursery Mela, November 2003

Vasant Valley Boys Soccer Team Class 6 & 7 won the Simla Youngs November, 2003

Nursery Mela 26th November, 2003

Class Activity 21st November, 2003

Pofessor Raghavan, a recipient of the CISR's Swarnajayani Award spoke to Class 8 Students - November, 2003

Class Activity Junior School 26th November, 2003

Preparations for Founders Day 2003 - 3rd to 7th November, 2003

Diwali Celebrations - 23rd October, 2003

Class Activity 5th September, 2003

General Pictures - August 2003

12th Vasant Valley Drama Festival held at The Airforce Auditorium Subroto Park 27th - 29th August , 2003

Class 4 Visit Taj Mahal on August 9th, 2003

Sparks Bishop Cotton School August 15th - 17th, 2003

Pictures from 11th - 15th August, 2003

Pictures from 1st - 7th August, 2003

Class Activity senior school July 21st -25th 2003

Pictures from 14th - 18th July, 2003

Pictures from 1st - 5th July, 2003

Class Act Junior School 9th May, 2003

Pictures from May 2003

Soccer Match Alumni vs. Senior Soccer Team 12th May, 2003

Soccer Match Class 9 vs. Class 10 7th May, 2003

Pictures from April 2003

Pictures from March 2003

NASA Astronauts 17th March, 2003 

Science Day 28th February, 2003

Science Day Preparations 27th February, 2003

Basket Ball Match Students vs. Parents 26th February, 2003

Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt performed at Vasant Valley on 14th February, 2003

Class Act 7th February, 2003

Prutha Desai - Survivor of the Gujarat Earthquake 16th January, 2003

Junior School Celebrations for Lohri 16th January, 2003

Nursery 1st Day at School 8th January, 2003

Interhouse Atheletic Meet at  Vasant Valley School held on 24th December and 8th January, 2003

Alumni Get-together At Vasant Valley on 26th December 2002
Class XI Class Act 23rd December 2002

Staff and Students Pictures - November 2002

Inter-house Cricket and Basketball 25th October, 2002

Western Music Festival at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla - September, 2002

Class XII vs. Rest of School Soccer Match 22nd November, 2002

Class Activity - Class VI November, 2002

American Embassy School, Woodstock School & Vasant Valley School Soccer Match 26th October, 2002

Vasant Valley School Polo Match 6th October, 2002

Robotics Workshop August 2002

Robotics Workshop May 2002

Special School Olympics 22nd - 27th February 2002

Inter School Soccer League April 2002

Junior Inter-House Soccer Championship September 2002

5th Indian Music Competition 18th January 2002

Indian Music Showcase 2nd August 2002

Lorhi Celebrations January 2002

Get-together At Vasant Valley in June 2001

Class 12 Farewell Batch 2001

Book Week Pictures August 2001

Nursery Water Festival 24th July 2001

Teachers Meet January 2001

Cricket Match January 2001

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