It's a Dark World

Let me begin by differentiating between the 3 different kinds of webs(that is Surface, Deep and Dark).

The surface web consists of that content/data which can be accessed by search engines using the link crawling method. In simpler terms, the surface web is that part of the internet that you use in your daily life(when you search on google, wikipedia blah blah blah...). Now, the deep web is just another extension of the surface web. It basically consists of that data which is cannot be identified or accessed by using the link crawling method. A typical example would be the database within any website, say (It's a hotel/car/flight reservation site, just by the way). Google will direct you to the website but you would have to search within the website manually.


The dark web is the part that will interest you the most(or not). It's also the part that would creep you out the most. Basically, this is the part of the internet that you would access if you were to hire hitmen or buy drugs(ever heard of Silkroad?) get the idea. And the best part is only Bitcoins are used for transactions which offers a certain level of anonymity. Now, this is a little  scary if not downright terrifying. If you've ever been adventurous enough to venture into the murky world of the dark web, you know what I'm talking about(I, for one, didn't have the spine to do so until recently).




There are a few thumb rules you should keep in mind before accessing the dark web(ideally, you should stop reading right here).

You little rebel, I like you.


So yeah, where was I? Oh, and before I forget, you can only use the Tor browser (which you can find here- to access the dark web. This particular browser uses a relay method which basically bounces your request over various servers(IP addresses) across the globe. It may seem slow at first, but it's for your own safety. Keep in mind that you CANNOT find any website on the dark web if you don't know the direct link (or you can use the hidden wiki, it has links to literally everything useful- http://kpvz7ki2lzvnwve7.onion). All websites here have the extension .onion(I have no idea what they were thinking). Most importantly, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT forget to cover your webcam and turn on your firewall, because you never know what's out there. To sum it up, the dark web is to the Internet what the underworld is to Mumbai. You never really know where it is(or in this case what it holds), but when you's too late. <insert demonic laugh>

Surf safe(If such a thing exists on the dark web) and may the odds be ever in your favor!