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Inter House Indian Music Competition
10th October , 2013

Overall Results
1st Blue House - 343 points
2nd Yellow House - 316 points
3rd Green House - 312 points
4th Red House - 288 points

Detailed Results
1st Blue House Akshita Jain
2nd Yellow House Haripriya Dalmia
3rd Green House Ishita Agarwal
4th Red House Sushobhana Jayal

1st Green House Ananya Jagoorie
2nd Blue House Sumana Dalmia
3rd Red House Agrima Rai
4th Yellow House Abhiruchi Rathi

1st Yellow House Shreyas Kadaba
2nd Green House Arnav Nath
3rd Blue House Arkin Khosla
4th Red House Priyanka Bansal

1st Blue House Ashreya Harish and Anjani Gupta
2nd Green House Vedant Sharma and Sakir Singh
3rd Yellow House Haropriya Dalmia and Jahanvi Srinivasan
4th Red House Diya Biswas and Saumya Goel

1st Blue House (75 points)
2nd Red House (74 points)
3rd Yellow House (72 points)
4th Green House (66 points)


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