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Class 6 Visit to Sultan Ghari
February 3, 2016

When wereached school, we were told by our teachers that the students of Class 6 will be visiting Sultan Garhi today. We had read about the tomb and Mrs Shukla also told us that Sultan Garhi is the oldest tomb built in India and is located in Vasant Kunj. It was built by Sultan Iltutmish in 1231CE for his son Nasiruddin Mahmud, who died in a battle in CE 1229. Sultan Iltutmish constructed an elaborate tomb over his son's grave. Since this was our first trip in Class 6, there was a lot of excitement among students. We arrived at the tomb at 11:30 a.m. All of us had to take off our shoes in the bus before entering the tomb. The first 5 minutes were spent in understanding the information about the monument. We saw the ruins of small houses – barracks in the vicinity and were told that the soldiers who guarded the tomb lived there. Then we sat on the steps of the entrance of the tomb for a group photograph. We saw the octagonal raised platform, which is actually the roof of the crypt. There was a small opening on its southern side and we could see the steps leading to the graves. The children were not allowed to enter the burial chamber but we could see one grave from outside. There were ants all over the tomb but the weather was pleasant. We also saw the Mihrab pointing towards Mecca on the west wall. On the whole it was a great learning experience for all of us.
Saarthak Khosla - 6 C

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