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Interaction with John Zubrzcki
28th November, 2016

The students of classes 10 and 11 got the opportunity to interact with world renowned Australian author, John Zubrzycki. Mr. Zubrzycki has written two bestselling biographical novels based upon Historic Indian Characters. He has been deeply intrigued by India and its history ever since his first visit in the 1970's.
He spoke to us extensively about the importance of research in the writing process. He described 'archives' as the most integral part of primary research and even in this modern world of internet, the most reliable source. He believed that stories could be spun out of every little piece of history.
The interaction with Mr Zubrzycki was a great learning experience and shed light on the exciting genre of literary nonfiction as well as the process of researching, writing and publishing a person's life story.

Ananya Jain

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