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Meet the Author - Ms Mathangi Subramanian with Class 8
19th September, 2016

The students of class 8 had an enriching interaction with Ms Mathangi Subramanian, author of the novel "Dear Mrs. Naidu". The session began with reading of an excerpt from the novel by Ms Subramanian, followed by discussions on the character of the protagonist. Everyone was then asked, in the manner of the novel, to write a letter to their role model or any fictional character. Some of these letters were shared with the audience. The earnestness, candour and often times emotional content of the letters were as endearing as moving. The programme ended with a question and answer session in which Ms Subramanian was happy to respond to queries regarding her favorite authors, books etc. It was an engaging interaction and a memorable experience.

Siya Garg and Sanaa Sharma

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