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Vasant Valley School Village Interaction
1st - 3rd September, 2016

Vasant Valley School is partnering with the Government School, Jhanjraula , Haryana to give students in both schools an opportunity to experience each other's daily environment.

Third lot of students participating in this program left for Jhanjraula on the 1st September, 2016

Teachers :
Meenu Chauhan and Vinodita Sayam
Class 7 – Khushi Anand, Sanah Bedi, Saisha Kumar, Rehmat Kaur Suri, Asees Manku
Class 8- Arhan Nanda, Joel Shibi,Cathleen Pawar
Class 9- Chinamayee Shukla, Aadishree Arora
Class 12- Priyanka Bansal, Shreya Aneja

In the month of July, Vasant Valley School pioneered a field trip to a small village in Haryana, Jhanjhrola as part of the Outreach Programme. The third visit from the 1st to the 3rd of September was an immersive experience brought together the two worlds of rural and urban to encourage an exchange of ideas. It was an enriching experience that enabled the participants to imbibe the learning into their daily lives.

In the project report submitted by the children, a sense of achievement, of learning and of teaching stood out proudly. They, for the very first time, were able to engage in the pleasures of walking in the crop fields, milking cows and spending time with the local families. In exchange, they also showcased and hosted a cultural programme for the children of the village government school.

This two way street allowed them to learn and teach at the same time. Whether it was Science and Math or simple conversation with the village kids about their lives in the city, each moment brimmed with opportunity. The highlight of the trip was a tractor ride in the fields that taught the children about local farming techniques but also made for an exhilarating experience. In conclusion, the fusion of both unique worlds added a new dimension to their thinking!

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