Class 6 Visit Sultanghari
5th April, 2017

This is one of the oldest tombs in India we learnt, it was made by King Illtutmish in 1231 C.E. for his son and heir Nasiruddin Mahmud who died in the battle of Lakhnauti in 1229 C.E. Inside the tomb we saw the Mosque and the Mehrab which had inscriptions from the Holy Quran all over. The architecture of the tomb is of the same style as the Quwwat-ul-Islam. It is constructed in such a way that one has to bend to climb down as a mark of respect to the buried leader. Now this "dargha" is a place of worship for both the Hindu and Muslim devotees living in that area. It was really fascinating to visit and learn about such a historical Islamic monument so close to our school which is a great archaeological source of history.
Darsh Puri - Class 6

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