Classes 5 and 8 Visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan
7th April, 2017

The Rashtrapati Bhavan is by far the most important government building which is situated on Rajpath, right opposite the India Gate and is the home of the honourable President, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee. We, the students of class 8 got the privilege of seeing the Rashtrapati Bhavan from the inside and witness the spectacular architecture built by Sir Edwin Lutyens.
We were first brought to the Science Museum which was added to the area by Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It showed the wonders of what science can do and had experiments such as the 'Air Piano', which played by sensing the movement of your finger tips and a real life robot which performed actions like us humans!
We were all intrigued by the diverse array of sculptures gifted to the President as we made our way to the most important part of the building, the Darbar Hall. Right in the centre was situated a statue of Buddha from the 15th century. It is here that award ceremonies such as Padma Bhushan and Bravery awards etc are held.
After visiting the library which contained 30,000 books, some even dating back to the 1700's, we visited the Ashoka Hall which was formerly a ball room and now used for meetings and welcoming guests. It has a fabulous painting of a Persian king riding a horse and spearing a tiger. It is said that the eyes of the king follow you around the room!
Our last and final destination was the white marble museum and carpet museum. Here we saw magnificent carpets embroidered with real gold and silver known as 'Jazorba' work and a variety of artefacts, caricatures and paintings gifted to the President. We ended our visit by seeing the innovative and creative ideas sent by common civilians to the IGNITE organization to make our daily work easier, and gathered inspiration to someday invent and satisfy the people of our country!
-Arshya Gaur and Vedika Shrikhande

As part of the educational tour, class V went to The Rashtrapati Bhawan on the 7th of April,2017. Located in New Delhi,it is one of the the historical monuments of the country and also the residence of The President of India.
We set off enthusiastically and all excited to have a fun trip ahead. We reached there and entered the royal gates. We stepped inside a room which had pictures of the ex presidents of the country. As we went ahead, we came across a few gadgets that were invented by the children themselves. My favourite was the stringless piano which we got to play too.

Our guide on the trip was Mrs. Rekha. She showed us around all the rooms in the bhawan. We managed to see all the various statues present there as well. My favourite room was the Darbar Hall. I absolutely admired it. It was the place where children were given various awards. I also liked visiting the basement that had all the awards kept which the president had received over a period of time. I could barely believe what I was seeing. They were so many in number. Rekha ma'am left us in the Mughal Gardens and from there we headed back to school. It was a very informative and a memorable trip. We look forward to going to such interesting places again and having a great time!!
Sahima Mittal - V-C

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