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Trip to Jhanjhrola Village
17th August to 19th August, 2017

The trip of VVS students from Class 7, 9 and 12 to Jhanjrola village was a memorable experience. Getting away from the city life and entering to a completely different world was an eye opener for students.
We started our first day by visiting the school and having an interactive circle time on gender discrimination with students of Madhyamik Vidyalaya Jhanjhrola. Later we learnt painting, some of the village students played kabaddi and cricket with VVS boys.
The next day, VVS students joined the assembly followed by Yoga. They attended Mathematics and taught English students to class 7th and 8th .
In the evening, the village children showed everyone around the village and their homes. The children cooked on the chulha, interacted with the village elder., rode on the tractor, visited the fields and had a complete experience of simple village life at Jhanjrola.
We hope this experience will make the children more aware about life in India and they will become inquisitive to learn more about their surroundings.

Students visiting Jhanjhrola Village (13 students) with Mr. Uday Debanshi and Ms. Meenu Chauhan

Class 7
Advaita Sahgal 7A, Param Mahajan 7B, Arjun Singhi 7B, Amana Sikka 7C and Sara Chopra 7C
Class 9
Laila Indira Alva 9B, Ahliya Majithia 9B and Anahita Bindra 9B
Class 12
Tarunjit Sabarwal 12B, Adhiraj Yadav 12B and Param Hooda 12C

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