Class 7 Visits Sanjay Van
23rd March, 2017

The galloping temperatures on Thursday the 23rd of March didn't let down the spirits of class 7 even a hair bit. We all were heading to a city forest that is set in the Aravali Foothills, near Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj called the "Sanjay Van". This forest is spread over 800 acres and is beautifully maintained by the Rawat family for the past 7 years. The sewage treatment plant of Vasant Kunj's pipeline used to run through this forest and after much persuasion the authorities have now opened that pipeline. Using certain specific techniques extra oxygen is added to the water. Various techniques of purification are executed by machines thereby contributing to creation of 5 artificial lakes. A lot of migratory birds visit these areas. These lakes augment the ground water for consumption by the plants and animals.
Vilaiti Kikar, a Mexican native plant was spread across Delhi in 1970 in order to prevent Delhi from becoming a desert...... However this was a failure as the kikars are endemic to deserts and store water. This adversely affected the Delhi water table. Due to the constant efforts of Air Marshal Rawat and his family more native trees have been planted at the Van and the number of Kikar trees is now thankfully diminishing. There was a varied spectrum of flora and fauna that we observed. We saw Eagles ,the Black Lapwing amongst the animal and bird species. Besides this is the presence of Asian Koel, Indian silver bill, grey breasted Prinia, Jacobin cuckoo, neel gai, white breasted waterhen, jackals and many more. Giloi, Taint, Rough, Arni, Hingot, Gumohar etc are some of the plants. Many of these have medicinal value too. We also saw a special grass namely "Typhu Grass" which purifies water naturally.
A fun but debatable fact is the presence of the tree called "churail" or ghost and the fact that Sanjay van is haunted by night.
Kudos for the people who are looking after this forest. A great thanks to Ms Datta for taking us to Sanjay Van. We hope to visit this amazing city forest again, which is being turned into a bird sanctuary soon.

Daksayani Chandra 7-C

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