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Inter House Book Quiz - Classes 8 & 9
9th May 2017

Winners - Blue House
Kavyini Garodia, Raag Setia, Kavin Bhatia and Katyayani Jha

Yellow House
Isaac Kalenga, Prithvi Oak, Naira Chopra and Tarika Lowe

Green House
Vijit Mann, Ishan Wahi, Arhaan Kaura and Aarush Shah

Red House
Nandini Agarwal, Abhimanyu J.Kumar, Prarthna Batra and Ishita Gupta

The Book Quiz was conducted by
Prakriti Mahajan and Vedika Bagla

The Book Quiz for classes 8-9 was held in the Vasant Manch on Tuesday with class 9 as the audience. Each House was represented by four students each .There were ten rounds, including an audience round which kept the audience engaged .Each House gave their best shot and all their efforts ultimately led to a tie between Yellow House and Blue House. Both the Houses formed and posed their own questions to the opposing team as a tie-breaker. The Quiz concluded with Blue House coming first, and Yellow House coming a close second.


Kartik Vatsal Vaish and Aamer Katoch

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