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Class 5 (Life Science Group 3) Visit to the Aravali Biodiversity Park
1st Nov 2017

Our visit to the Aravali Biodiversity Park

Our visit to the "Aravali Biodiversity Park" was fun as well as an enriching learning experience. We entered the Park from the Vasant Vihar-side gate and walked through the common path observing in awe, all the things around us till we reached the meeting point where we met our guides : Mr. Gaurav and Ms. Kaur.
They told us about the history and current state of the Park as well as explained the various challenges facing them. They explained that the British had planted the 'Villaitikeekar' all over the area, which poses a threat to growing any kind of vegetation because of it's acidic properties. They told us about how they are trying to grow the vegetation naturally found on the Aravalli Hills in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, in the 'Park' itself so that there is no need to travel to different states and all these plants can be found at one place only.
Then, we visited the "Nursery", which was divided into three parts according to the stages of plant growth: the 'Polyhouse', the 'Nethouse' and 'Under the Shade'.
The 'Polyhouse' was made of polysheets and had soil beds containing seeds and little saplings, with sprinklers above for water. When these seeds grow into little baby plants, they are moved to the "Nethouse" made of net and once they grow stronger, they are transferred outside to the "Under the Shade" area. Finally, they are transplanted to the "forest" area in the Park. In case, any plant requires attention, it is moved back to the previous stage for more care.
Next, we were taken to the "Medical Conservatory", where the guides told us about the medicinal properties of the various plants/trees there like the Tulsi, the Neem, Aloe Vera, Papaya, etc.
We then went to the "Butterfly Conservatory", where we saw some amazing and fascinating species of butterflies like the "Tiger", "Common Crow", etc. After this, we walked along a path strewn with different kinds of stones like mica, quartzite, etc. as this was earlier a mining area and thus, also had a big "ditch" which is now being used as an "Orchid Conservatory". There was also a big pond and we talked about snails and lifecycle of frogs.
We also saw two movies – one about "Protecting Bears" and the other about the "Aravali Biodiversity Park".
Finally, our trip came to an end and we left for our school, with our heads brimming with interesting facts and all that we had learnt about various species of flora and fauna in this short trip to the "Aravali Biodiversity Park".

Kyra Dhar
5 A

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