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Slam Poetry Session with Miles Merrill - Classes 4-7 and 8-10
27th November, 2017

Miles Merrill, an author who is an expressionist, beat boxer and vocalist, visited Vasant Valley on 27th of November 2017. His interaction with the students was lively and full of enthusiasm. He captured everyone's attention with his humour and rendition of Slam poetry. He spoke of poetry being an expression of creativity, thoughts and feelings. He explained the need of voice modulation, expression and various sound effects to make poem renditions more interesting. He shared with the students his real life experiences of travel and his own first poetry recitation at a café. The students of class 4-7 got to know of Mr. Merrill as a unique person who loves cats and has written more than 700 poems. Originally from Chicago, he lives out of a suitcase and has introduced poetry slam to Australia, while spreading it around the world too.

Sumaya Beri (6 C) and Jai Relan (7 B)

Students of class 8, 9 and 10 also met with the enigmatic Miles Merrill. During this session he conducted a lively session on slam poetry by first performing one of his own poems filled with a variety of expressions and sounds. He spoke on the form of slam poetry being one that incorporates voice modulation and gestures, as well as sounds which cannot be penned on to paper. Mr. Merrill inspired the audience through stories of his own life and created a poem using them. This exciting session made many of the students rethink and appreciate poetry in a new and engaging way.

Mahika Dalmia (8 A) and Amaaya Nath (10 C)


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