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Book Discussion for Classes 10-12 - "A Game of Thrones" by George R R Martin
16th of October, 2017

Conducted by Nayna Puri, Ananya Mehta, Sahil Armaan Kumar and Sahir Singh
A book discussion was conducted on 16th of October, on the novel 'A Game of Thrones', by George R. R. Martin. The discussion started with a brief introduction to the novel and the author. Then there was a display of the images of the characters including Robert Baratheon,Littlefinger,Ned Stark and Jon Snow followed by a detailed discussion on them. In continuation, there were visuals on the themes which included corruption, disloyalty, honour and power etc. This was followed by a discussion on various quotes from the book .Finally in pairs the participants discussed the crossword puzzle that had plot-based questions about the novel. All in all, the book discussion was highly interactive and informative and everyone got a bookmark as a memento.

Devaki Diwan and Akshit Bahri

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