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Book Discussion for Classes 6 - 7
"A Dog's Purpose" by W Bruce Cameron
13th September, 2017

Conducted by; Ahan Jayakumar, Devashii Sahu, Kavin Bhatia and Vijit Mann

The Book Discussion on 'A Dog's Purpose' by W Bruce Cameron was held on the 11th of September, 2017 for classes 6 and 7. It was an interesting and thought provoking session, which was enjoyed by everyone present. It definitely made everyone reflect on the themes and characterization in the book. Everyone was encouraged to participate and give their interpretations on mortality and reincarnation through open-minded inquiry. While watching the author's interview all the students learnt how he got inspired to write this book. Designing and distributing the bookmarks was the best way to end the session. Everyone left with a desire to read the sequel to this book, 'A Dog's Journey'.

Ayesha Gupta, Jai Relan and Sumaya Beri

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